Destiny 2

What is the current Destiny 2 season?

Although technically, the seasons did not begin to Season of the Outlaw with the release of Forsaken, they retroactively were tracked from the moment Destiny 2 was released in 2017. Seasons usually last for about 90 days and represent a new plot rhythm along with the new seasonal subscription and seasonal activity.

The current season in Destiny is 16 season or season of the resurrected . It began on February 22, 2022 simultaneously with the release of The Witch Queen. It will last until May 24, 2022.

The history of the current season follows the difficult union between Empress Kayatl and Vanguard. After the events of the history of the queen of the witches, a special target group was digging in the hive of Lucent. This season there were many shakes and movements of the characters to unexpected places. This is definitely a game for everyone who is interested in the history of Destiny.

During seasonal activity, guards can track and subjugate the hive of the License with the help of Kayatla psions. Traveling to Mindscape, the guards can fight in another plan of existence. This is a game for six players, which forms the basis of the plot of this season.

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