How do Parents Choose Online Games suitable for Their Children?

Our kids want to play online games on a PC or console. But what kind of games can be entrusted to children with a clear conscience, and what parents should pay attention to when children gamble online. At what age should children start playing? As a rule of thumb, the older the child, the more playtime the child can play each day. Ideally, children between the ages of 0 and 3 should not play numbers games. According to Media Educator, the first learning game is suitable for 4-year-olds. Children should usually start playing as early as age 5.

How long should a child play in a day?
According to media educators, children should observe the following playtimes based on age:
From age 5: about 30 minutes per day
Ages 6 to 9: You can gamble here for an hour
From age 9: Here is a recommendation for 10 minutes per day or 1 hour per week for each age group. A 10-year-old can gamble for up to 100 minutes a day or 10 hours a week.

As a parent, what else should I be aware of?

Especially with online games, it’s essential to pay attention to who the kids are playing with. Therefore, parents should pay attention to game time and educate their children about the dangers of online gaming.
Therefore, children must be warned against trusting strangers and always have their parents as the point of contact.
Parents should also know whether their child’s game contains hidden costs. So-called microtransactions promise in-game advantages for a few euros or spectacular virtual clothes or objects that can be used online.
It has to be clear from the start that kids can’t spend a lot of money here without effort. So keep an eye out for proper security settings on your PC or console so kids can’t even buy in-game stuff for real money.

Wobbly Life – Swinging Fun

This cute game is a physics simulation with the so-called Wobbly’s swinging character. You can customize your Wobbly to your liking and choose from various hairstyles, clothes, and accessories.
After that, you have to explore a big city and its surrounding areas and perform various mischief. You can take on multiple jobs, drive vehicles in ridiculous races, or push the game’s goofy physics to the limit by performing insane stunts.
This can also be played with up to four players, which promises even more fun.

From what age is recommended?
Wobbly Life is suitable for children from 6 years old, and the game is free of violence and offensive content. So you can safely give it to children over six years old. The game is in English but with hardly any text. It should still be intuitive for young children.

Why are games suitable for kids?
Wobble Life is glorious chaos and promises fun and hilarious silliness. There are countless activities kids can do, and many hours of fun are guaranteed.
Also, kids can play different roles here, such as working in Wobbly town and earning virtual currency. This creates early feelings about work and money.

What else should parents be aware of?
Wobbly Life is only available in English. There are not many words, but you as a parent must translate if necessary.
The game only allows three other players, so your kids don’t risk hanging out with hundreds of strangers online. However, you should pay attention to your child’s regular players when gambling online.

Stardew Valley – Farm Simulator

In this simulation game, you inherit your fictional grandfather’s legacy and move to an old farm on the outskirts of town. In the beginning, the yard was in bad shape: weeds, trees, and stones were everywhere. The game aims to get the farm back on track, plowing the fields, planting trees, and raising animals. You can do all of this alone or gamble online with up to three other players. Then we all work together to restore the farm to its original state.

From what age is recommended?
Stardew Valley is approved for ages six and up, and the game is actually about building a farm. You can only mix with dangerous creatures in the dark mines.
But since the game is so complex and promotes reading skills, it should be reserved for 6-8-year-olds. Younger children should play with an adult.

Why are games suitable for kids?
The kids who have always wanted to own a farm will get their money’s worth here. Here, it is essential to use resources wisely and make informed decisions about the farm’s future.
In this way, children can happily learn to manage resources, plan projects, and manage time.

What else should parents be aware of?
Since this is a near-endless game, you should watch how long your kids play and set clear limits for them. In this way, children also learn something about time management.
Since Stardew Valley supports up to 4 players, kids are less likely to encounter strangers. However, be aware of who is currently online with your child.

Animal Crossing – colorful islands to play with animals.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is the latest installment in the Nintendo series of simulation games. You arrive at a lonely island where you grow trees and plants and harvest fruit and fish. The game has no specific goal. It’s all about building things on the island and interacting with cute animals. You can also build houses, customize characters to your liking, and even create your designs.

From what age is recommended?
Animal Crossing is so cute and nonviolent that it doesn’t have a USK rating. However, it should not be played before the age of 6.
The game also requires some reading skills. So if your kids can’t read (very well) yet, play with them. Therefore, the game is ideal from the age of 8 or 10, when children should be able to play alone without any problems.

Why are games suitable for kids?
Here you can prepare a colorful and harmless game for your child. There is little violence, except that you can hit yourself with a drop net.
Instead, it’s about completing numerous quests on the island, exploring, building, and dealing with adorable animals.
You can do all of this with other players, and the game even simulates the time of day and season. Depending on the time, there will always be different things happening, and there will always be discoveries.

What else should parents be aware of?
Since the game is nearly endless and has no clear goals, this can be frustrating for kids who want to have clear goals. Even a massive change in day and season can be frustrating if the child is impatient and may have to wait a long time for an event because it only happens on summer nights, but in the game, it’s winter.
If your players are online alone, you should pay attention to who they hang out with online.

Minecraft – the possibilities are endless

Minecraft is a creative building game where players can create their worlds and build anything imaginable out of colorful blocks. So it’s a kind of virtual Lego box. In creative mode, you can build and create however you want, while in survival mode, you can explore the world and mine resources. In addition, monsters are running around, so-called crawlers, and you have to defend yourself.

From what age is recommended?
Minecraft is USK-approved for ages six and up. Playing games from this age is okay, but because the game content is also very complex, children of this age may not be able to understand everything on their own.
As a parent, you better play with them and let your kids show you what great things they can build.

Why are games suitable for kids?
As mentioned earlier, Minecraft is all about creativity. Here, your kids can explore the world and build whatever they want. There are almost no limits to the imagination here.
Over hundreds of hours, players have built entire cities or giant pyramids.
Ideally, small children still play in a nonviolent, creative mode, and you can focus on building.
Older kids can also venture into Adventure or Survival mode, although there may be monster fights. Still, Minecraft isn’t a fighting game, and it’s always exploring and building in the foreground.

What else should parents be aware of?
Minecraft looks cute and whimsical in its basic form, but there are plenty of ways to customize the game itself. Through so-called texture packs, players can change the look of the game.
Most of these packages are enhanced graphics, but some may bring an adult or other objectionable content into the game. So aside from games, pay attention to what your kids install.
Little kids shouldn’t be playing Minecraft online, but locally or on their private server. If your kids are still playing online, then it is recommended that they play on their closed server where players know each other, and no one else has access.

Splatoon 2 – Colorful Shooting Fun

Splatoon 2 is a colorful shooter in which you play as a goblin-like creature who uses various paint splatters in a frantic race against other players. The aim is to hit your opponents with your splashes of paint and knock them out temporarily. There are different versions of the Paint Squirter, some of which spray paint extremely fast, while others are still accurate over long distances. Still, others cover large areas with color but are slow to use. The goal is to stick most of the battlefield in your color after three minutes or conquer specific points in the area and hold it long enough. So it’s not just about good hand-eye coordination. It’s about tactics and a clever approach.

From what age is recommended?
USK approves Splatoon from age 6. We share this assessment since it’s mostly about hitting opponents with quick-reacting colors.

Why are games suitable for kids?
Splatoon is essentially a shooter, but it’s completely nonviolent. Even weapons are just spraying equipment such as paint guns. Although they sometimes look like weapons, they are brightly colored and only sprinkled with paint.
So the game offers wild action but doesn’t rely on the violence often included in such games. Instead, it’s all just a colorful mess in which you splatter paint.
Enemies that are also hit quickly reappear in the game, and no one has to die—the online equivalent of an epic summer jet shootout.

What else should parents be aware of?
Splatoon 2 has no hidden costs in the game. There are no microtransactions and other options for spending real money to buy more game content. Only an extension called Octo Expansion can be purchased additionally. This expands the game with adventures you play alone.
Even Splatoon 2 is cute and nonviolent: make sure your kids aren’t overwhelmed by the colorful and sometimes hectic process on the screen.

Is there a substitute for this type?
Another very popular shooter for kids is Fortnite. The game also uses colorful manga graphics, but it’s much more complicated because you can not only shoot but also build buildings and covers. Also, the weapons in Fortnite look like guns, and some characters are pretty scary.