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Harry Potter: She realizes the portraits of the characters based on novels, magic results!

Already 25 years that the first volume of the literary saga Harry Potter came out, and more than 20 years that the first film came out to the cinema. These feature films anchored the faces of the actors in the collective imagination, and we have forgotten the original descriptions.


But suddenly, what would the characters of the Saga Harry Potter look like if we were only fond of the descriptions made by J.K Rowling in his works?

Harry Potter characters made using an IA, what does it give?

Many artists have arisen the question and have made portraits of the characters, but nobody still had used artificial intelligence technologies to do it. For several months now, the artist MSBANANAANNA , well known for Reddit users, uses The software Artbreeder to generate the faces of the character of Harry Potter by integrating the information at his disposal. An idea that came after him after searching for Hermione representing drawings. Then she realized some modifications to remove any inconsistency, and has little a small published the result of his work.

I tried faithfully reproduce the characters in Artbreeder from the free. Be ready for the ArtBeder version of (Dolores) shading.

notable differences, but also good resemblances with some actors

Of course, a number of characters, like Harry, Snape, Voldemort, Drago Malfoy, Cho Chang and Tonks look like the actors who have been chosen, but others have a very different rendering . Hermione sees his thickened eyebrows, Neville is very blond, Peter Pettigrow is much thinner, while Bellatrix Lestrange seems much less extravagant and that Viktor Krum appears much less imposing . We put you here some of the portraits of the main characters, but you can find them on the surubedit dedicated to the world of Harry Potter.

a universe that continues to grow

Recall that the world of Harry Potter has not stopped spreading after the release of the last volume and the relics of death – part 2 at the cinema. Since then, the Théâtre Harry Potter and the Child Maudi T has been published, _The fantastic animals were available in three films, and Hogwarts Legacy is expected: the Hogwarts in the end of the year on consoles and PCs.

The universe always fascinates both young and old, as evidenced by the huge success of studio visits in London and the United States , the regular broadcast of films, or the astromonic amount of derived products Who sells in the world.

J. K. Rowling - Harry Potter and Me (BBC, 2001)


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2 hours ago

Suddenly, according to this artificial intelligence, it’s Chloë Grace Moretz who should have incarnated Hermione… even if she did not really have age at the time!

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