Elden Ring – Legendary Malenia

Attention, follow Boss spoilers to end .

The new Elden Ring update 1.04 not only improves a variety of bugs and glitches, but also makes the fight against the most feared boss of the game due to a healing bug. We are of course talking about Malenia, which is now so difficult to crack that even her biggest enemy and community hero “Let me solo here” is aware of it.

“Let me solo” to Malenia after Update 1.04

“Let me solo”, also known as LMSH, has quickly become a living co-op legend by making it an honorable task to defeat Malenia solely for other Elden ring players.

Between 300 and 400 times, LMSH Malenia has already forced his knees, even though he only carries a pot helmet and two Katanas. So he is a professional in dealing with the most difficult Elden ring boss.

But with the latest patch, even the celebrated pot head has problems with Malenia and in his current videos as a nightmare . “Good luck, friends of friends!” He writes in the description under his video by showing us the Heil-Bug said again:

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But LMSH has just gained legend status for nothing and continues to live up to its name: Despite the effects of the update, he still manages to defeat the elegant sword singer. Just not as quickly as before. If he always defeated her in around ten minutes before the patch, he now needs about 15 (via dual stools). We would not have expected anything else!

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By the way, LMSH often places his call sign right in front of the Malenia boss arena. Maybe you are lucky and you can summon it. According to Patch 1.04, much more players are likely to despair of Malenia anyway.

Why is the fight against Malenia after Patch 1.04 even more difficult?

To what extent patch 1.04 makes it difficult to fight Malenia, we explain this more closely in a separate Boss article.

The short version: According to Patch 1.04, there is, as mentioned at the beginning, a healing bug that makes the fight against Malenia appear almost hopeless for many fans. It is normal for Malenia to heal a little every time she meets you. According to Patch 1.04, however, the healing also begins if it is just caught with the sword, so it doesn’t even hit you properly.

How to beat Malenia after patch 1.04 [Elden Ring]
In addition, thanks to Patch 1.04, the fly swarm cordonary cordon cordonary was generated, which previously proved to be a useful remedy for the boss.

How do you feel the fight against Malenia after update 1.04?