Waiting for Hogwarts Legacy, why fantastic animals 3 was

Even if you are not fans of the Harry Potter world, you have certainly heard about the exit of fantastic animals: Dumbledore’s secrets. Expected at the turn by many people, the film does not seem to have managed to convince. It must be said that the third opus of fantastic animals has not frankly had easy life. Between polemics and last minute changes, back on what makes this film a cursed episode, and on what it can foresee for the next game, Hogwarts Legacy.


Johnny Depp Evinciated

If in March 2020, Warner Bros. Announced that the actors of the previous opus would resume their role in the fantastic animals 3_, it is a whole other bell sound that was issued to us a few months later. In November, Johnny Depp spoke publicly to announce that it would not be part of the adventure. A decision taken by Warner Bros. Then gave the role of the Grand Antagonist Grindelwald to the Danish Mads Mikkelsen. The reason behind this sudden choice? The trial for defamation brought (and lost) Johnny Depp against the press group behind the tabloid The Sun .

A small return back is needed. In 2015, Jack Sparrow’s interpreter gets married with AMBER HEARD actress. They separate the following year and the latter accuses the conjugal violence. If the divorce is mediatized, it is with the article of The Sun in 2018 that the situation explodes. In the latter, the actor is qualified as a man _ “violent with women” _. There follows a long media and legal battle opposing the actor and his ex-wife.

The problem is that this story has been revealed, over time, much more complex than expected. The more time passes and more Johnny Depp looks like the victim of this case. According to different testimonies, Amber Heard would have been violent towards her ex-husband, both psychologically and physically. A trial is currently underway, opposing the two former spouses both accusing defamation.

In 2020, it was already clear that drawing on the sliced conclusions of this situation was a little premature. In other words, Johnny Depp’s eviction was very badly perceived by some, convinced of his innocence or at least his victim posture more than from executioner. Especially if Warner Bros. has chosen to separate from the actor to preserve his image, he did not do the same on aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, scheduled for 2023. Indeed, Amber Heard kept his role of mera despite the situation and a Petition of more than one million signatories asking for his referral. Thanks to the trial at this moment, we learned that the question has been well asked at the time but for other reasons. However, senior people at Warner imposed the presence of the actress who, however, had been refused an increase in his stamp.

Suffice to say that this whole story did not really arrange the business of Warner Bros. who tries somehow drowning fish. In the film, the change of actor is totally obscured and everything is happening as if nothing had happened. But let death do not suffice to attenuate the grumpy. Some called to boycott the film because of the decisions taken. In addition, financially it is a chasm for the American studio. The Depp contract stipulated that he had to be paid whatever happens. For the same role, Warner Bros. So had to pay two different actors. Film _The fantastic animals being already particularly expensive, it probably did not help Warner Bros. To return to nails, profitability being a major challenge for the future of saga.

Polemics, absences: Ezra Miller, Katherine Waterston…

But it’s not just the Johnny Depp case that has been a problem at the casting level. Kevin Guthrie was supposed to resume his role as abernathy. But accused (then condemned) sexual assault, he was thanked. The scenario therefore had to be redesigned to erase its presence. It was again modified to give Katherine Waterston less important. The interpreter of Tina Goldstein is almost missing from the film (as the different trailer and poster suggest). No official communication has been made to explain this surprising turnaround. But if the actress has a priori no pans in his drawers, there was a lot to bet that she was ousted from the project because of an interview given to the independent. In the latter, the actress opposed the transphobic words of J.K. Rowling, mother of the world of Harry Potter and screenwriter on the movie:

I think, as I was associated with a film project… As I was associated with fantastic animals, it was important to share my positions. We say that others might believe that we think the same thing, by association.

Nothing confirmed here, and the absence could just as well be linked to a banal problem of planning or health. Nevertheless, the silence of Warner Bros. suggests that it has been well traced something internally. Anyway, these absences have forced the scriptwriters to come back again and again on the scenario. Difficult to finish with a consistent frame when it has been modified several times.

But the stories around the cast did not affect that the scenario. The different business hurts the communication around the film. And at this level, there is another who has, just before the output of the fantastic animals 3, put Warner Bros. In a delicate situation: Ezra Miller (belief). For several years, the young actor has shown that he could be very violent, especially with a video that had gone around the Internet in 2020. On the latter, we could see a young woman in a bar in Reykjavik (Iceland). After that, Ezra Miller had been quite discreet and we might have thought that the young man had learned from his mistakes. But that Nenni! A few weeks ago, the actor was arrested by the police for aggression. And rebelote, a few days ago. As much to tell you that Warner Bros. Has already decided to cut the bridges with the actor, but see it on the movie poster (as well as the Flash for June 2023) does not help to make good press.

Scenario, Covid-19: The Secrets of Dumbledore delayed

All these small couracs Casting level have had a big impact on the realization of the film. As we mentioned, the scenario had to be resumed several times, pushing back the start of filming. In addition, enormous changes have been operated, such as the place and the plot. Initially, the communication around the fantastic animals 3 was centered on the fact that Brazil would host Norbert Dragonneau and its acolytes. After three years, we finally learn that this option has been abandoned for the benefit of Bhutan and Germany in particular. It would be interesting to see the initial scenario that has probably little to do with what the secrets of Dumbledore_ offers us.

Once the problem of the scenario resolved, here is the shooting which was also very disturbed, because of the different rewrites certainly, but also the arrival of the pandemic. Thus, the filming, which was to start in July 2019, began a year later. He was interrupted several times because of positive cases at COVID. The situation also pushed the artistic director, Stuart Craig, to supervise the decorations of his home, in Visio. As a filming conditions, we have seen much better and difficult to imagine a very good movie in the result. And even if this had been the case, the context is not really favorable for a project involving J.K. Rowling.

The J.K. Rowling spine

Difficult are to assume the positions of the film screenwriter: J.K. Rowling. We mentioned it above, the lattice has, on many occasions, advanced transphobic remarks. She did not stop there, openly taking the floor against bills aimed at Make the transition process less hard or promoting a shop selling openly transphobic products. Suffice to say that the image of J.K. Rowling is not frankly to the beautiful fixed. So many people call to boycott the projects involving it closely as far as The fantastic animals 3: the secrets of Dumbledore .

On top of that, the scenario of the previous film (The crimes of Grindelwald) had been particularly amblated and inconsistent. So many voices have risen to point the fact that being a good audio does not necessarily mean that we know how to write good scenarios. A fairly hard finding for the mother of the Harry Potter’s universe, but which seems relevant to the reproaches that have been made to the film. _ “And the Harry Potter movies then?” _ Will say some. Well, J.K. Rowling has certainly brought his paw, but she did not charge the scenario strictly speaking. Steve Kloves was on the spot for all Harry Potter movies, with the exception of Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix written by Michael Goldenberg.

One does not know exactly the discussions that may have taken place internally, but the fact that Warner Bros. Recalls Steve Kloves for fantastic animals 3_ shows that the studio has decided to give less importance to the lattice. Difficult to say which of these two reasons motivated this choice, but it is probably a question of a mixture of both. The creator of the Harry Potter universe has become a ball to hang out, and this for all the projects related to the latter, including Hogwarts Legacy: The Hogwarts Heritage.

and for Hogwarts Legacy?

If the RPG in the world open in the universe of Harry Potter has, from the start, ruled J.K. Rowling, his shadow still hovers on the project. The author concluded a market with Warner Bros. Who takes care of supervising the Harry Potter stamped games (Portkey Games label) without having to intervene. But this agreement is above all financial and allows the author to touch a share of the recipes of the different games. Do not wish to give a penny to Rowling, some already call to boycott the game, or Less not to give it too much visibility. Difficult to estimate the impact that this call will really have, but sales figures will certainly be impacted. Others, on the contrary, are skeptical about the absence of rowling on the project. But note that the author rarely got involved on video games inspired by her universe. If the subject interests you, we wrote an article on it recently.

Unfortunately, this is not the only black point in this story. Harry Potter’s world is chic to stuff himself in all kinds of controversies right now. The Hogwarts Legacy frame had been the subject of a real shield. The reason ? The problematic symbolism at the heart of the plot. At all times, the figure of the goblin has never been very advantageous. With their unsightly physique (often coupled with a long hooked nose) and their attraction for money and treasures, their representation has often come close to (too) close to the darkest anti -Semitic caricatures. Recently pointed out, the universe created by J.K. Rowling is far from derogating from the rule. The goblins are bankers who swear by wealth. By choosing to focus Hogwarts Legacy on the revolt of the goblins, Warner Bros. Revive this hot topic which will also push potential players to boycott the title.

In addition, some are afraid of seeing the revolt of the goblins be demonized, while it is mainly an oppressed people and deemed lower than the wizards, simply fighting for more recognition. A representation that could prove problematic and push certain observers to point the finger at the avalanche and Warner Bros. You will understand, Hogwarts Legacy also has a fertile soil for all kinds of controversies. It remains to be seen if it will handicap him as much as the fantastic animals 3.

Hogwarts Legacy: the legacy of Hogwarts Trailer

To return to the film, it was not frankly shot in the best conditions. As such, it is not surprising to see the result, both in terms of content as such as its box office results. The secrets of Dumbledore has indeed received very low notes and recorded the lowest start of all the films in the Harry Potter universe. Recall that the shooting of a possible suite for The fantastic animals will depend on the recipes of this third film. Suffice to say that it is pretty bad for the moment, to the chagrin of many fans who await many the adaptation of the great event supposed to close this saga.


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8 minutes ago

We are still really in a ridiculous world. We are talking about projects that are concerned each time dozen, see hundreds of people. For video games (all developing teams, screenwriters, graphic designers, all the trades related to broadcasting, and this up to traders who will sell the game in their stores). Perhaps the game will be (surely?) Very good, but it would be necessary to boycott it because the author who wrote the books whose universe inspires the game made certain words?
Like the film, all these stories for shit controversies! Finally, whether he is guilty or victim, Johnny Depp will be paid, just like JK Rowling. Those who will really pay the broken pots are the fans and all the other people who worked on the film at all levels.

The people of 2022 should stop looking at their navel and calling for revolts for everything and anything. What an author says, it concerns her and it does not change the level of quality of what she writes (in good or bad). We can choose not to agree, we can boycott what she does, but what will these people have to get a personal conflict? At the end, whatever happens, JK Rowling will touch his jackpot because she is one of the heads of the project. Those who pay will be all the more or less important stakeholders below it.

When to the revolt of the goblins in the game… I think it illustrates perfectly in 2022, many people prefer to spend their time looking for problems that do not exist rather than living their lives as they hear
without emmerging others.
These same people will definitely feel like justickers down the metacritic notes of the game without putting their hands on them.
All this shit would not exist if social networks have not become a Bible for some…
You know what ?
I am allergic to chlorine.
I call the immediate and unconditional boycott of all European and global pools immediately!

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore – Official Trailer
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