Elden Ring in the first person; It is already possible thanks to this mod for virtual reality

Elden Ring hRing been, from its releRinge, one of the video games more likely to receive all kinds of mods. We have already seen both Homer Simpson and Carl Johnson (GTA San AndreRing) to travel the intermediate lands, among other modifications that allow us to play in different ways and transform the experience. And now something hRinge to light something that had to come: an adaptation of the title in the first person and for virtual reality .

This Game is Way Harder Than Elden Ring

The person responsible for the mod is Luke Ross , a modder known to find the way to transfer the original experience of a game to the possibilities that virtual reality gives us. In the following video you can check that it works really well , with camera rolling included and with high dive timetable. Of course, for now only the beginning of the game hRing been shown, which covers from the awakening in the waiting chapel to the fight against the first enemy, making it clear that the battle system would adapt very well to this perspective.

Elden Ring Guide

Do you have problems advancing in the main story, defeating a final boss or finding all the secrets? Then do not hesitate to consult our full guide , where you will find dozens of articles dedicated to each and every one of the Ringpects of the game: weapons, builds, objects, finals and much more . In addition, we have also updated it by adding an extensive review of chapters that explain the history and lore of Elden Ring. In the following link you have all the information.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. The game hRing received several updates and the latest version is 1.04, which brings with weight fees Ring new missions and adjustments.