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Formal release at the Heterogeneous Debt Simulator “Animal Revolt Battle Simulator” Steam. Remodeling sparta soldier vs. mutant whale such as municipal wolf can also make a dream card

Developer VDimension was officially released on April 16, Battle Simulator “Animal Revolt Battle Simulator” at PC (STeam). The price is 1600 yen, and it can be purchased for 10% off 1440 yen until April 23rd. The game corresponds to the Japanese language display.

“Animal Revolt Battle Simulator” is a simulator that allows humanity, animal, insect, dinosaur, or fictional monsters to fight each other. As a concrete unit, several tens of types such as sparta soldiers, elephants, huge crocodile, Tilanosaurus, sorcerus and minotaurus, minotaurus. In sandbox mode, you can use such units to create up to seven armies, and who is the strongest or watching the battle of the battle. In addition, it is possible to operate one of the units from a single person perspective and participate in the players themselves.

Campaign modes in the stage clear format are also available to defeat the pre-prepared enemy army. Select a unit tailored to the enemy’s characteristics and place the military assembly. Although the cost is set to the unit, it is not always not to win if you use an expensive unit.

Besides this, the unit creator mode is also recorded that selects each part of the body from different units and combines the original monster. Body parts and weapons can be attached as much as you like anywhere. Also, monsters and maps created can be shared through Steam Workshop.

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This work has started early access delivery in June 2020. Then a new unit is introduced every two weeks, and also added equipment such as weapons. Marine organisms will also appear, and the battle that is set in the water is also simulated. And in this formal release, a unit such as an ancient soldier Achilles, a dinosaur calcalodont Saulus, and a mutant 鮫. In addition, the creation of vehicles and construction elements of the fort were also introduced.

User reviews at STEAM in this work are “overwhelmingly popular” that 96% are now well received. A bold concept that can be combined with different species of organisms freely, and it was popular that incorporates physical operations and a hackecy battle is being developed. On the other hand, looking at the number of simultaneous connection players in this work, despite the high evaluation, it remains about 1000 people at the past peak (STEAMDB). Apparently this work seems to have finished the work that stabbed intensely for some gamers.

“Animal REVOLT BATTLE SIMULATOR” is delivered for PC (STeam). Also, different Nintendo Switch / iOS / Android versions of different specifications are also delivered.