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Downfall: You like Slay The Spire? Then let this extension do not miss!

Admitted: It has used one, two weeks until I had downfall right on the screen. After all, the extension to Slay The Spire is basically nur a mod. At any rate, I thought… because actually down fall is the best reason to get the very good Slay the Spire again! Because what you get here for free, it really has in themselves. Downfall does not come from the original development team MEGA CRIT GAMES, but by TABLE 9 Studio, a group of dedicated fans, who have put in the project for almost three years. The result is almost like an official release, on Steam, there is even its own product page, over which you can download the huge mod directly.

Downfall, among other things, adds the pistol-surgery to the main game, a full fifth hero with its own game mechanics: As here you have to keep certain cards in the middle of your hand so you trigger powerful bonus effects. This brings fresh wind and additional tactics into the gameplay, which fits in seamlessly into the main game.
In Downfall, for the first time, you may also play the evil, all bosses are like full heroes designed. Source: Table 9 studio is even more exciting but the new downfall mode: In that, we are allowed to play the evil to change! Seven bosse stands to choose from, each of them with their own concept, their own cards, relics and special features. For example, we may play the mucus boss that produces servant creatures and overrides heroes with glibber to avoid bonus damage or healing to heal. Or we reach the Guardian, which can move into a defensive mode to block large quantities damage. In addition, he is able to combine socketed cards with gemstones that will then miss additional effects. As a villain, we work from top to bottom about the map, climb the dealer on the go and conquer the good heroes, which you have played before. Downfall has been available since March 26,2022, for playing you only need a PC full version of Slay The Spire. Downfall is not available on consoles.

Conclusion: A duty download for fans! Who likes Slay The Spire (Buy Now 18.23 €) does not come around downfall.

Enough of Slay The Spire? Then try the out!

THE DUMBEST DECK TO EVER BE OP!! | Slay the Spire: Downfall (Modded)
With more than 92,000 users’ votes, Slay The Spire has received an outstanding user score on Steam alone, even on Metacrit, the game with an average rating of 89 is outstanding.

Monster Train

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SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech

You like tactical card struggles, but do not feel like a roguelike concept? Then SteamWorld Quest maybe something for you. The game comes from the developers of STEAMWORLD DIG 2 and Steamworld Heist, but this time takes you to a fantasy setting. With a small robot force follows her a linear story, struggles tactical round struggles, triggers quests and gradually expands and after your deck to powerful skills. More information about SteamWorld Quest can be found in our test.

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