Bayreuther Festival: Rost goes on 10,000 fans the heart

The PLZ Football Show LIVE - Mon 18th Apr
What a holiday for the SPVGG Bayreuth and its fans! Just over 10,000 spectators had found the way to Hans-Walter-Wild Stadium on Monday, the majority of course considered the yellow-black. And they got to see a football festival, the “old town” fails pursuer Bayern II with 4-0 from the square.

“Of course, that feels fantastic if the first thing plays against the second before 10,000 spectators. If the guys are so brave, Bavaria again and again stress and start up. Do not get in the back, but always try the Munich in the back Game come. When I look at the gates, my heart goes up, “Spvgg-Coach Timo Rost beamed after the game at the press conference.

Already after a few minutes Ivan Knezevic hit after an early ball gain. Stefan Maderer and Nicolas Andermatt placed two hits until the break and put the stadium into a tolly house. To be highlighted is with a strong team performance Alexander Nollenberger, who presented all three goals in the first round. After the side, Markus Zierei laid the 4: 0 and finally made everything clear.

Bayreuth again in the DFB Cup

“What the fans have delivered from the outside today was great and has fueled our guys in addition. We look forward to it that everything has worked as a whole,” continues to a rust, which was still a very important side effect of victory: “We are today for the second time in succession to the DFB Cup. That was our goal, which the boys have made six gaming days before the end of the season. ” The Upper Franconia have six gaming days before the end of 20 points more than the third Schweinfurt and can no longer be overtaken by the “Schnüdeln”. Thus, the SPVGG will certainly be the best first team of the league.

Rise actually only formality

While the qualification is beautiful and represents a class success, of course, the main focus is on the rise in the 3rd league. And at a look at the table, it only seems a matter of formality, because Bayreuth now has more eleven points more than the Bayern in a game. For this purpose, the SPVGG in the league is so stable, lost last in October against Schweinfurt, followed by 14 victories and three draws. There is currently simply lacking the imagination as Bayern should catch up with such a big residue. Congratulations on climb are still too early to the former Bundesliga player rust. “There are still six games. We will enjoy the victory today, but tomorrow, at the latest, the full focus Rosenheim is the same,” the coach slows professionally to early rise superphoria. “We’ll go on this path tough. We want to try for this city, for the fans to bring professional football to Bayreuth.”

The gear in the 3rd league would undoubtedly be the preliminary highlight for rust in Bayreuth. The coach arrived at the beginning of September 2018 in a serious phase to Bayreuth, saved the team before the descent, formed a top team – and now leads the league with his guys impressively.