How emoticons in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Whether falling on a surfboard in Apex Legends or showing your Renegade in Fortnite, there is no doubt that the emotions are a standard Battle Royalty food. And it’s no different in the last game to strike the genre, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

Emoticons in Fall Guys are actually a subset of a larger category called theatrics. Theatrics is the generic term for the emotions, which are quite standard in the genre, and the celebrations that are equivalent to the victory poses and the dances that you can see in other titles.

To make a theatrical emoticon, simply press a digital key if you play on PC, or Directional Cross if you are on PlayStation 4. While you are on PC, you can select One of your emoticons equipped by assigning one to each of the lower numeric keys (1, 2, 3 and 4). On PS4, you can select them via the D-Pad direction (up, down, left and right).

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review
In this way, you still have four emotions on hand on PC and console, so you can always have the perfect reaction for the moment. If the emoticons are remarkable for you, you may even want an exclusive premium emotional like the robot.

Fall Guys is now available on PC and PlayStation 4.