Nintendo Switch: Memory Card with 256 GB Buy now for only € 18.89 [Display]

On eBay there is the microSD memory card from Netac with 256 GB just for 20.99 euros on offer. That would be a very favorable price, but when using the coupon code clever you can even save 10 percent in addition, so the price drops to 18.89 euros. Seller is the own shop of the manufacturer. Click here to go to Deal:

Netac microSD memory card 256 GB for 18,89 € on eBay (use coupon code!)

For comparison: at Amazon the card costs just 39.99 euros. The officially licensed switch memory card from SanDisk, which is approximately equal to the Netac memory card with regard to the power, gets it here in size 256 GB for 33.99 euros. Even the weaker SanDisk Ultra with 256 GB, according to comparison platforms, there are now anywhere for less than 25 euros.

What is the Netac memory card for Nintendo Switch?

The microSDs of the Chinese manufacturer Netac are rather little known in Germany, but always cut in tests in terms of popular competition products of SanDisk and Samsung. The maximum reading speed of the model offered is 100 MB / s, making it fast enough for use in the Nintendo Switch. For the switch, a memory card should have a reading speed of over 80 MB / s.

Netac microSD memory card 256 GB for 18,89 € on eBay (use coupon code!)

Unlike other favorable memory cards such as the SanDisk Ultra, the Netac microSD even has a pretty fast write speed, as it is a class U3 class. Although this makes a difference in use in the switch, it is important, for example, if your 4K video wants to record.

More about how to pay attention to when buying a microSD memory card for the Nintendo Switch, you will learn here:

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