“Diabo II Resarks” New Large Apde Delivery. 20 years of bugs, etc.

Blizzard Entertainment started delivery of update patch 2.4 at “Diabo II Resulted” on April 15. From large updates in the original version, it will be a new update for more than 10 years.

“Diabo II Resark” is a remake work of the masterpiece action RPG “Diablo II” released in 2000. It is also equipped with a mode that reproduces the eye of the original version while gradually starting graphics. Even as a gameplay, it also includes the function that improves the ease of playing as a remake work while making it loyal content only in the original version. In this patch 2.4, content that results in further evolution is included while inheriting the history of “Diablo II”, such as adding and balancing new content. Patch notes contain a wide variety of elements, and the content is also long. In this paper, we pick up and deliver attention points.

First, in this patch, all character classes have some balance adjustment. Character adjustment was performed in “Diablo II”, and it has been since the patch 1.13C of March 2010, and the first performance change of 12 years. Overall adjustment is the easing of cast delay. This is mainly set to a large skill, and skills with cast delays can not be re-involved without a predetermined time elapsed. In other words, it is a system that prevents the continuous trigger of a large skill. Cast delay was not indicated in the game, and it was also a kind of hidden parameter. This patch has been modified so that the cast delay is short and deleted and deleted and can be confirmed by the tooltip (explanatory note). It became possible to trigger a big fight without having a big deal.

Subsequently, the mercenary system has also been changed. First of all, in the former specification, the mercenary hired at low difficulty was a system that finally became high. In other words, hiring mercenaries with high difficulty, so it became weak, so there was a background that had been avoided. This patch seems to have been improved so that such systems entered and employed at high difficulty. In addition, for popular “desert mercenaries”, the convenience is also improved, such as selecting all six types of aura regardless of difficulty. Other mercenaries have been placed on the bottom of the performance bottom.

And there are some points to be worried about specifications and defect fixes. First of all, there is a description that “the method of determining the attack speed while using the weapon of the two sword stream has been changed.” This is a bug that focused on the specification of the attack speed calculation of the weapon, commonly known as “Fbg”. This Fbugg is a defect that has long been “favorite” in some builds, and there may also be more affected players.

Besides, as a defect correction, the description of “Fixed the problem that the unique monster with mana absorption was more intended for the intention of absorbing more mana”. This is considered “Mana Absorption” as a description, but probably “MANA BURN (Manadamage)” will be revised to damage the player’s mana. This was a long confirmed bug that becomes abnormally powerful when applied to an enemy proximity attack. In addition, there is also an item “with difficulty nightmare, and the damage of the damaged monsters with flames is too large”, which is a well-known bug that slaughtered many players from the original version.

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Those bugs have been suffering from the original version of the original version of the player for about 20 years, and there is also a face that has been accepted with the gimmaking as a kind of gimmaking “as a kind of gimmaking. There is also the intention to put a female firmly for such a defect when re-remake. This patch includes many content additions and changes. See the official patch notes for further details.