Kingdom Hearts IV is developing at Square Enix

If it had to wait almost 15 years between the second and the third episode, Square Enix prefers not to let the doubt hang. Kingdom Hearts IV is in development, and under the Unreal Engine 5 which is more. For the moment, no exit date or platform are announced.

Few details are available for the moment concerning the game, its development just coming unveiled. However, this is the beginning of a new intrigue: the lost Master’s bow. Sora wakes up in a new world, the quadratum, with Strelitzia. But the young bearer of the Keyblade will have something to do, since new emerging threats, including a faction that prefers to stay in the shadows.

Gameplay side, few changes seem to be emerging on the horizon. However, the KeyBlade could now serve as a grapple in order to reach its opponents more efficiently, as well as for dodging. We will be able to learn more in the months or even years to come, but no doubt that a great adventure is waiting for Sora and his friends.

Characteristics of kingdom Hearts IV