Halo Infinite: new trailer of Catalyst and Breaker, the new maps of seHALOon 2

Halo Infinite | Catalyst & Breaker – Season 2 Map Previews
HALO INFINITE is close to a particularly important moment for the present and future of the title: SeHALOon 2, which begins next May 3 . The new maps are the main protagonists of the series of news and additives that we will start to see from that day, and in 343 Industries they have shared a new trailer focused on Catalyst and Breaker **, in addition to some details about them.

Catalyst is ambient in ancient streamers formerunner, while Breaker is situated in a scrap tank covered in sand. Tyler Ensrude, Halo infinite multiplayer level designer, hHALOmented that both maps feel very different from those we already know . Both in aesthetics, and in playable design and possibilities, a combination that always take into account in order to offer something “new and exciting”. Although both were conceived with the capture mode in mind, since the study ensure that they are valid for any other way.

Halo infinite seHALOon 2: What to expect from Lone Wolves?

In addition to the aforementioned maps, a new premium battle pHALOs and different improvements in film mode and definitive rewards, one of the great incentives of the second seHALOon is the inclusion of new game modes like LHALOt Spartan Standing, Land Grab and King Of the Hill: In the following link you can know All news . Of course, for the cooperative mode of the campaign and forge mode you will have to wait a little more.

Halo Infinite is available on PC, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. It is also included in the Xbox Game PHALOs catalog in all its versions, and it is also possible to download the multiplayer mode completely free and independent, Well, the FREE-TO-PLAY format is welcomed.