Shadow Gangs X: Shadow Gangs X – Retro

In August 2020, the game Shadow Gangs appeared on Steam, the ratings were positive – but ultimately hardly someone noticed by the charming staged action game.

With the help of the Japanese arcade platform Exa Arcadia, the cool-looking title now gets a second chance: Shadow Gangs X recalls legendary sidescroll actioners of Sega, Taito or Tecmo. Shinobi, The Ninja Warriors or Ninja Gaiden are just a few of the titles, who are looking at the sight of the chic trailer (look at the bottom!) Immediately come to mind.

Shadow Gangs - Gameplay

The name additive “X” stands for revisions of game balance and opponent behavior, on top of that, a female character is joined by the Character Cast. So far, the improved version is only announced for the arcade – and thus in very farther away for interested Retro disciples in this country. On the other hand, it would have to go with the devil if this beautifully tag was not at least in the download store of Switch or PS4; Also a boxed version over Limited Run or Strictly Limited we find tempting. Should something do in this regard, of course, you will learn here.

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