Nintendo Switch Update 10.0.4 – Update Notes

Nintendo Switch has deployed a new system update, which brings the firmware to version 10.0.4 with multiple changes.

The update does not introduce new features, but corrects a well-known problem in the shop, as detailed by the official modifications log.

Nintendo worked to solve a problem where users could not add funds using a new credit card in the Nintendo Eshop.

The reason this bug occurred has not been revealed, but here is the full modification log with all the details in case you need more information:

Worm. 10.0.4 (published on June 4, 2020)

_Correction of the following problem: _

We have solved the problem where it was not possible in some countries or regions to add funds using a new credit card or register credit card information in Nintendo Eshop on Nintendo Switch.

sx os 3.02 y update 10.0.4 nintendo Switch offline

One of the last updates, version 10.0.2, introduced fixes to the proper drift problem, despite the fact that the problem remains serious and mainly unresolved on Joy-Cons.

At least these updates allow dataminners to discover more details on the new iterations of the console, with a new version that has recently been discovered in the firmware code 10.0.0.

As the main features are added only in the key steps, we have already described our firmware requests 11.0.0, which could introduce improvements in quality of life on Switch.