The best words to start at Wordle

Since Wordle began to grow in December 2021, players have tried to resolve a five-letter puzzle with the aim of maintaining the fastest solutions and a continuous streak of correct words. Each one has its own strategy to face the daily challenge. This is what we consider that it is the best words to start at Wordle .

The best initial words in Wordle

The main strategy to follow is that, although there are words with double letters, keep your initial conjectures to eliminate five individual letters.


Wordle: Best Starting Word
The plate is a good first choice because it is verifying two vowels and at the same time sees if the letter t is involved.


Once again, it is always a good idea to get a reading of the vowels. With that, you can not make a mistake without finding out if there can be a S. you get a solid step forward if you get that end as a green square.


If you really want to do everything possible to discover the vowels, it is no more dialing four in a word the first time you try.


This could make you wonder if you should do the cut, but think about it. You get the two (sometimes three) vowels and the very common R. In addition, in case and be in the word, you have that very useful data in your back pocket immediately. Sometimes, the best conjectures involve a little risk.


This belongs here for almost the same reason as ‘Wears’. You get the two vowels and you can check so much as the T, this is a very sure bet that you will get something. Similar to what was said previously, it is never more to know about one S from the beginning.

There they all have it, these are the best words to start at Wordle .

About three months have passed since Wordle was bought by The New York Times Company and the game is still strong. Hopefully, the previous words will bring you some luck.

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