NFT card game. Signed MOU with MCN Creator, Vietnam

P2E NFT TCG (Trading Card Games) Like Lion (‘Likelion Pte.ltd.)’, A Like Lion (‘LIKELION PTE.LTD.), Is an offline promotional alliance and local blocks to secure Vietnamese users through the MOU signed in Vietnamese MOU We have built a cooperation system for chain business partnership, and this (07th).

In the field of Global P2E NFT TCG (Trading Card Games), Likelion PTE.LTD is a global trading card game (formerly Professional Gamer), Kiyomi (formerly Progamer), Kim Yoo-hyun Poker players), Lee Jong Bum (Doctor Frost Properties), Kim Ki-bum (DJMAX Illustrator), and the experts in various fields, such as Won-woo (scientific and sitting). Recently completed the second CBT (Close Beta) successfully completed the third CBT and the official launch.

The Convention’s Relative Businessmen Creator is a Vietnamese local representative MCN company, with more than 50 full-time creators through 50,000 Facebook subscribers, more than 50 million YouTube subscribers, more than 500 million YouTube subscribers, It is a company leading to influenza marketing.


Likerion recently expands business areas as a block chain, and expands a variety of services to a worldview planning / production, and NFT marketing solutions for the development of influenza-based social Pi (Socialfi) service, It is working.

The Lyclanon official said, “We plan to implement local user communities, and actively form and operate local user communities, such as online influenza marketing for securing Vietnamese users in Embedd, “We are saying,” We will not spare technical and operational advisory and support for the successful construction and operation of the business, such as “Socialfi, which is based on the influer.”