The Xbox Series X controller has just received a very late feature

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S controller has just received a quality of life that was expected for a long time, courtesy of a new update for each console. With Xbox One, Xbox users had almost no complaints about the design of the controller, so it was time for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Microsoft, transferred this design and most of its function as well. That said, the controller still lacks characteristics and technology that his competitors presume. There is not much that Microsoft can do about it, but little by little it has been occupying the first.

To this end, the Xbox button in the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S controller now has the ability to change the entry of your TV to your console, although you will need HDMI-CEC to be activated to enable this and have a compatible configuration. as well as. T.

The news comes from the hand of Eden Marie, engineering leader in Xbox, who provided an image along with the news that shows how and where to enable function.

«All Xbox Series X | S Series Consoles get a function, starting today, that will change your TV to your console when you press the Xbox button on your controller,” Maries said. «You will need to have HDMI-CEC on and a configuration that supports it, but do not look for more remote control!”

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For now, no more updates have been announced for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S controller. During the generation of the Xbox One console, Microsoft did very little to the standard controller in terms of revision and additions, and instead favored small improvements here and beyond. It seems that this will be the MO with Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series controller as well.

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