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How to Get Rocks Style in Roblox Grand Piece Online

Rocks This is battle style in Roblox Grand Piece Online, and at the same time powerful. Although he is not as energetic as Satail Black Leg, he still remains one of the best arts for mastering in the early parts of the game. And, fortunately, it can be bought in everything for 10 000 sang what makes it the best choice for all newcomers in

To study the rocks, you need to go mysterious tower which can be found between Sphinx Island and Earth sky . Once there, you should strive to climb the mountain, using either climbing or Heavenly Walk skill. You can do this by clicking the Ctrl button button on the keyboard.

Rokushiki Fighting Style Location | Roblox: Grand Piece Online

Having reached the top of the mysterious tower, you will find NPC by name Lifa . Talking to the keeper of the mountains, you can learn Rocks combat style, which can be equipped for a fee 10 000 sang . After you put it on, you will not be able to change it to any other style in battle.

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