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COD Warzone: So you start every round Rebirth Island with a fat benefit for your group

Rebirth Island brings many gamers extra enjoyable than the big map caldera incall of task: Warz1. The small island means quick activity and also exciting fights. Just how to guarantee extremely effective benefits for the lap start, we show you on Meinmmo.

What are the advantages? In general you can use 3 various vital cards on Rebirth Island and also obtains thick incentives in a vault space for the start:

The cards you require to utilize in the south of the map at the POI “Garrison”. Here is a safe space and each card opens up a particular storage locker.

You start directly with benefits right into the match if you focus on the match start on the cards. Meinmmo shows you the location of the cards on the map with ideas on exactly how to obtain it ideal.

  • Vikhor’s Card: Loadout Drop and also Money

  • Initiative: reduced
  • Forgotten Map: Expert Tokens, Loadout Decrease and Cash
  • Expense: high
  • Perseus Card: Boosted Enlightenment Road as well as Cash
  • Initiative: low

The cards look in the game:

Vikhor’s card – quick loadout to the start

How do I get the card? If no other group goes with you on the map, This card can be conveniently caught. You can get them along with every match as well as begin with a fat advantage.

Run through the open shelter door the staircases down and also on a desk is the map. However, Vikhor’s card quickly disappears after the suit begin – during the round the card can not be brought.


Incidentally, on the table in front of the card is always a certain weapon prepare for the Milano-MP. If you do not have that yet, take the weapon.

Lands at the significant home on the map below as well as experiences the window on the west side.

With the map you go to the Stronghold-Poi and obtain the incentives:

  • Rewards
  • Loadout-Drop
  • Cash

Forgotten map: The over-buff for the team

Lands the northernmost residence of Rebirth Island on the north side as well as jumps via the home window. Go directly with the area as well as via the stairwell down right into the basement.

It works much faster if you currently have the shower when you “cozy up” before the suit, if you have the chance to do so. After that the card lies straight.

Right here you will locate a bathroom and also with among the showers you can engage. There are a few dollars out as well as at the end the essential card. That takes a while.

Just how do I obtain the card? This card is connected with the biggest threat, yet also brings the best rewards.

To bring the card to the Stronghold beyond of the map, you are searching for a heli when it fits. In the secure, extremely solid bonuses are awaiting you:

  • Rewards
  • Specialist tokens for entire team
  • Loadout-Drop
  • Cash money

Perseus card: no biscuit, yet also excellent

The card can be conveniently grabbed and also is not so much away from the Fortress. Vikhor’s map is better matched to the match begin. If your cash demands, get Perseus card possibly later on in a round.

How do I get the card? Lands at your house south of the vessel in the southeast of the map. The card is clearly visible on the very beginning in a rack.

There is likewise a drone:

Especially novices, the map is advised because you meet on your own a lot more often on challengers as well as the modes frequently guarantee a rebirth.

This brought lots of new keys into the game as well as some of them will gradually inform themselves. An interesting side aspect in an or else straight shoter shooter like Phone call of Obligation.

The Easter Egg Hunter suches as to address the problems of the Warzone and also uncovers time and again fascinating secrets as well as tips.

Rebirth Island has turned into the neighborhood beloved since release and obtained a renovation with the Period 2 of Warzone.

  • Incentives
  • Improved reconnaissance drone
  • Cash

We from Meinmmo were already with a couple of Warzone novices on the map: New in Cod Warzone? This card is small, fast and also excellent for novices

Just how do I obtain the card? This card can be conveniently recorded if no various other group goes with you on the map. ** Exactly how do I obtain the card? The card can be conveniently selected up and is not so much away from the Stronghold. Obtain Perseus card possibly later on in a round if your cash requirements.

If you want to enjoy the procedures for accumulating the map in the video clip, look past the English Youtuber “Geeky Pastimes” (through