Where to get greenifiers in RUNE Factory 5

The use of a sickle on fully grown cultures will allow you to get a higher level seed. High level cultures can be shipped at a much higher price. The universal store will also start selling the seeds of the same level on which your crop is shipped, guaranteeing product quality at every harvest.

The level of seed sickness will largely depend on soil level , however. The higher its level, the higher the sickle seeds will be. Grinifiers are used to raise the soil level. Here’s how to get them.

There are two ways to get greenifiers: Having created them on your workbench or purchasing them Lyudmila for 3000G. If Lyudmila is not a resident of Rigbart, push the story forward. Lyudmila will also sell Greenifier + with expansion from Studio Palmo. It is five times more expensive, but has a strengthened effect.

Recipe notes

For the creation of grunifiers, three ingredients are needed: faded grass , Indigo Grass and Lunar drop flower .

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Faded grass can be found everywhere where you leave your crops to die. Landing and ignoring turnips and spinach is the best way to “farm”. Bonus, if they are planted on an ice dragon, since these cultures hate cold. You will also rarely see them on your farm or on the Dragon Farm. Stunched grass can also be found in the random limit.

The Indigo Grass grows in the summer, so you will find a lot of it in the Volcanic region of Kellwe, on the fire dragon or in Rigbarth in the summer. Finally, on your farm you need to grow Moondrop Flowers. Seeds for them will sell Lyudmila’s flower shop.

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