For Lieberknecht the HSV is almost the secure newcomer

In the competition with the top teams in the league, the SV Darmstadt 98 was only one border note, explained Lieberknecht on Thursday. “We want to be there when it is possible. But we can not go crazy either when a game goes into the pants.”

With a view of the rise battle, the Darmstädter Coach dared a bold forecast: “The lightest program of all teams has the Hamburg Sv. That’s why they are almost the secure newcomer for me.” How everything else is forming, you will see. The Hamburger SV is currently residuent at a rise place with six points.

without gjasula and karic to the club

A rank in front of the HSV is the nearest opponent Nuremberg. With a away win, the lilies would expand the lead to the francs on eight points. In case of defeat it would only be two points ahead. More than 1,600 fans will support the team. This is also an obligation to go home with a good result, Lieberknecht said.

Defensive District Klaus Gjasula missing against the club still because of his red card from the Bremen game. Also not there is outer railway player Emir Karic because of an almond infirmis. Patric Pfeiffer has pulled a bruising in the thigh, which is why he was spared on Thursday. There must be waiting as the injury developed, said the coach. With a view to the latest corona cases, the training has also been metered in some convalescents.

No free letter for Seydel

Whether Mathias Honsak stands again after his unfortunate appearance against Kiel (Darmstädter Coach-Note 4.5) in the starting element, the coach left open. The Austrian wing player has reflected his performance, but then did not hide in training, but was preceded by high energy. He also experienced a lot of fun.

Discontinuation of Herpes Simplex virus (HSV) IgM Testing

Conversely, Lordknecht also wanted to issue Aaron Seydel, with five round-round gates currently most successful Lilies attackers, not exhibiting free letter. “At the moment I do not feel that someone is set,” said the coach. Rather, it was managed to create an internal competition with the other two attackers Luca Pfeiffer and Phillip Tietz. “Set is just that everyone knows that they must be in HAB eight position.”