Wow: Pocopoc-kostüme in Zerith of death

POCOPOC is the new Pepe: Anyone who has unlocked the small companion in Zereth Mortis can not only teach him ** all sorts of useful skills, but also dress him with various costumes. You can equal both the torso and component colors of POCOPOC as well as your helpers with various different decorations. Overall, there are 16 different items that you may collect in Zereth Mortis. We explain to you below what items it is and where you will find it.

Costumes for POCOPOC: Locations in Zereth Mortis

The following items for POCOPOC can be used as random yield from different chests and from opponents:

Torso colors

  • POCOPOCS Body: Bronze and Gold \ – Random Treasure Chest in Zereth Mortis
  • Pocopocs body: beryllium and silver \ – random treasure chest in Zereth mortis
  • Pocopocs Body: Cobalt and Copper \ – Loot of Antros (Zereth Mortis’ World Boss)
  • POCOPOCS Body: Ruby and Platinum \ – Loot of Closed Provenuhe (located in the eastern area of the forge of the lectur, requires some preliminary work to open it)

Component colors

  • POCOPOCS Components: Gold and Ruby \ – Loot from the discovery of the pennse (heavy chest that can appear in different places in Zereth Mortis)
  • Pocopocs Components: Silver and Beryllium \ – Random Treasure Chest in Zereth Mortis
  • Pocopocs Components: Copper and Cobalt \ – Loot made of sand-cut chest
  • Pocopocs Components: Platinum and Emerald \ – Loot made of sand-cut chest


  • POCOPOCS diamond underarm rails \ – Drop of rare opponents in Zereth Mortis
  • Pocopocs face decoration \ – prey from tribute of the enlightened elders (reward for weekly quest nested pattern)
  • Pocopocs protected core \ – booty from discarded automatic scrap
  • POCOPOCS Embellished core \ – loot from discarded automatic scrap

Unfortunately, there is a whole portion of luck, if you want to unlock all the costume parts for POCOPOC. But we find: The trouble is worthwhile, or what do you mean? writes us in the comments, which keeps you from the POCOPOC adjustments!

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