Unreal Engine 5 Official Release. Game engine, new features, etc. that enable the next generation of large-scale content development

EPIC Games officially released Unreal Engine 5 (hereinafter UE5) on April 6. As a game engine in game development, Unreal Engine, which has also been used in various creative sites, is finally moving to a new generation.

About UE5 Epic Games aims to be able to challenge the limits of possibilities even on large-scale teams or small teams, and even in vision surfaces, and also to be able to challenge the limits of possibilities. The next generation of real-time 3D content and experiences are to provide power that can be free and higher than ever and to be able to create flexibly.

The main new features introduced to UE5 include a fully dynamic global illumination solution “LUMEN”. Direct lighting and geometry changes enable the on-to-fly creation of a real scene that fits indirect lighting. Light Map Creation, Light Map Bake Waiting, Reflection Capture Deployment.

The virtualized micropolygon geometry system “NANITE” enables production of games with huge geometric details. Even if there are millions of assets imported, real-time frame rates can be maintained without losing their appearance fidelity.

“Virtual Shadow Map (VSM)” is specially designed to work well with these LUMEN and NANITE. It is possible to realize some great soft shadows at properly controllable performance loads. It also provides a platform-independent high-quality built-up sampling system “TEMPORAL SUPER RESOLUTION (TSR)”.

One of the goals that Epic Games is continuing, it is said that the creation of open world creation is fast and easy to work together for any scale team. UE5 prepares “World Partition System” for that. The world is automatically divided into grids and can be managed by the need for the necessary cells to be streamed.

Also, by “One File PER ACTOR (1 File per Actor) System”, team members can work at the same time on the same world’s same area. Furthermore, “Data Layers” can create multiple variations for one world.

Besides this, initial support for “Large World Coordinates (LWC)” that uses double precision values is also introduced. It is to be a foundation for creating a very vast world without requiring a rebase or other tips.

With regard to animation creation, work can be done directly in Unreal Editor. The built-in tool is first enhanced actual production compliant “Control Rig” that has been enhanced, creating a rig quickly and easily and sharing among multiple characters. Then, if it animates it with a sequencer, it will be the case where you save and apply pose in a new “posing browser”.

A new retituing tool set can be prepared quickly and easily easily and extended existing animations. Using the “IK Retal Getter”, skeletons and proportions can transfer animations between different characters.

Besides this, it is also equipped with new features that can be used to adjust the animation at the time of runtime to compensate for gameplay conditions such as speed and terrain differences. There are “Motion warping” that can dynamically adjust the root motion of the character, “distance matching” that controls the playback rate of animation, “pose warp” that can dynamically adjust the pose.

In UE5, mesh modeling, UV editing, bake tool set is also significantly enhanced and enhanced. And by combining them, a powerful workflow is formed, which can develop and adjust assets in Unreal Editor.

A number of new tools and enhancements tools are available for mesh creation and editing. Suites of UV editing tools, and toolets of baked and mesh attributes are also significantly updated and extended.

In addition, Quixel Bridge is fully integrated as editor UI and workflow enhancement. Direct access to the entire Megascans library. In addition, “Favorite Systems”, “Favorites Systems”, which holds frequently accessible properties, “Details (details)” panel that can be accessed quickly by the hottakes and buttons, the function to easily call and store the content browser, and the property you are looking for quickly. It also has it.

With regard to audio production, a high performance system “Metasounds” is available that provides generation and full control from sound sources to audio DSP charts. From management of all aspects of audio rendering, it is said to realize the driving of the next generation procedure audio experience.

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In addition, for “Path Racer” introduced in UE4.27, stability, performance, and functional integrity improved. It seems that improvements in hairpametives and eye shader model support, sampling, BRDF models, light transport, supported geometry are also performed.

Two free sample projects have been released in the official release of UE5. One is called “Lyra Starter Game”, and it serves as a practical learning resource in the production of new games. In order to illustrate the illustration of the latest best practices, it will be upgraded continuously.

Another thing is “CITY Sample”. PS5 / Xbox Series X | STOTE INTORDIMENT “THE MATRIX AWAKENS: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience” that reproduces the world of movie “Matrix” is a content that indicates how it was produced Yes. Besides the complete sample, individual packs per content are also provided. It is also possible to download only vehicles.

Besides this, UE Marketplace released paid and free content compatible with UE5. It will be more fulfilling in the future by creators from around the world.

Please check the official site for further details and download of Unreal Engine 5.