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Fortnite: Collect Omni chips at all sites of synapse

While they shoot, glide and loot, they traversed their way to victory fourteen days Find a whole lot of new gameplay supplements that are thrown into the tumbled. If you have never played fornites or have not played for quite some time, you will find a new selection of things that you can do in the game, and several new game modes that are suitable for every1. One of the latest things added in Chapter 3, Season 2 is the addition of Omni chips with which you can make some adjustments to a Battle Pass object.

However, the position of these chips changes every week, so you have to slide, jump and watch your way to find it as soon as possible. Here we come into play, because we will deal with it where the Omni chips can be found in Synapse!

Fortnite – Synapse Omni Chip Locations

As marked on the map above, you can find three Omni chips in synapse, so you should make this early in the game to your priority. Fortunately, your progress will not be reset when you can eliminate so you can do so many trips here, as you need to get these chips in your hands.

You will be able to find one on the up on a pipe This is on the roof of the water treatment plant located on the lake nearby Station Synapse . You will find another at the entrance of the main building in Synapse Station, and the last would be found on A balcony, in the building north of the station.

As soon as you hold all three of these chips in your hands, you can use some unique cosmetics for the unlock Omni Sword Harvest Tool that unlock when you move through the Battle Pass. As a customizable harvest tool, you can change the color, tone and more for this item and let it look as unique as you like. You can also encode it in color with your current equipment to ensure that everything fit up properly.

Collect Omni Chips at The Temple Location - Fortnite
If they are not immersed in the new content that Season 3 has to offer from Fortnite, there was never a better time. With the addition of no tree mode, You can prove your Battle royal skills without worrying that someone builds a whole skyscraper in front of them and kills them from above, so they play the game in a lot can enjoy tense atmosphere.

Fourteen days is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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