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Efootball puts date to its 1.0.0 update promising that they have created a new soccer game

We all remember the disaster that was a few months ago the premiere of Efootball , the new football simulator of Konami, who arrived to replace the mythical saga PES , with new intentions and a free-to-play model. The network was filled with memes full of the programming failures that the title had, and the Japanese editor opted to change its forecasts to devote more time to fixing and throwing a competent product.

Now, Konami has officialized the date of the new Efootball update , also telling us the details and changes that a version that, now yes, hopefully it is up to.

As the creators of the game have communicated, the Efootball version 1.0.0 ** will be available as of April 14. Although konami at the moment does not give details of changes or improvements, they indicate that the comments received in these months have been “vitals when improving the game and being able to approach the objective we have always proposed: create a ‘new game soccer ‘from which all our users can enjoy “.

The firm also ensures that although this release is a milestone, will continue to work beyond with new updates to offer a better football experience every time to most users.

Konami Announces eFootball 2022 v1.0 Release Date + Update Info!
At the same time, the Konami writing also asks for apologies for the publication of the mobile version of Efootball 2022 , which has been delayed by the problems of the main version. They say they are working on it in order to ensure that their final quality is up to what users expect.

Of course, in mgg we will be attentive and we will try this new version of Efootball to see if it has really changed and is able to offer an experience at height. Hopefully it will be like that.