Call of duty

Do you still use 100GB plans for 69,000 won?

“10GB is likely to be short and 100GB plans are burdensome…”

Feelings of data lack of data are a great alternative to users who use 100 GB or more 5G plans.

The 110GB (5Mbps of Speed, Speeded 5Mbps) of existing communications is 69,000 won and 150Gb (5Mbps of speed, 5Mbps) for 75,000 won. As a result of the same data, the family phone is about 20,000 won inexpensive than the existing communication rate.

While they are increasing, they have been increasingly used for a penny of telecommunication fee, and have found a reasonable alternative to data for data for data.

SKT Seven Mobile ‘200GB Data’ · KT Em Mobile ‘Cheap Price’

There are five subsidiaries in the three types of communications. SK Telecom is working on Seven Mobile, KT, Em Moova and Sky Life. LG U Plus serves U + equal mobile and helo mobile. Except for KT’s SKY Life, which does not have more than 100 GB of dual plans, compared the rates for the remaining aliform subsidiaries.

Seven Mobile ‘5G Ghosphere (200GB + / Calls)’ provides 200 GB, which is the largest number of data compared. However, the price is also a somewhat expensive 600,000 won compared to other operators.

When joining a Seven Mobile Plan, additional services may be considered. When the call is not received, the service ‘Caller’s Call Maker’ is typical that the service ‘Colker’ and the call during the call that tell the corresponding number in SMS. Callie Person adds an additional charge of 550 won per month, and the currency serious is available for free.

The reason for joining the family phone is diverse, but in the end, the communication rate is inexpensive. KT Em Momvice ‘5G Simple M’ offers less than 110GB data than other operators, but the price is relatively low as Walls of Wall.

If you want more data, you will see ‘5G Special M’, which is 10 Mbps, 10Mbps, which is the 200GB data. The price is 59,400 won. KT Em Moovai is also promoting the entirely supported a full-time application until April 30th.

■ LGU + Fertilization subsidiary, relatively different promotional advantages

LG Yuplus’s familiarity subsidiaries are in the advantage of relatively diverse promotions compared to other places.

U + 5G (150GB +) ‘among the mobile fare is W48,000. If you sign up with self-opening by April 10, you are also promoting the new world’s gift certificate. If you sign up via a specific distribution channel, such as convenience stores and online markets, you will be added to the new world’s ticket of $ 10,000. You can receive 20,000 won for the new world’s voucher.

There are ‘5G (180GB +)’ rates, which provide 10 Mbps of 10Mbps, which is more than 3,200 won, but it is more than 3,000 won. More data is available, and there is an advantage that the speed of speed is twice as fast as the speed of speed.

If you use a lot of Naverpay, you will recommend 5G (150GB +) “if you use a lot of “10%). The default price is somewhat higher to 52,000 won, but you can get 4,800 won per month for Naver Pay Points that can be used like cash. Considering Naver Paypoint, the actual price is 48,000 won. However, Naver Pay Points are paid for up to 24 months.

HelloMobiles have a ‘5G standard of 150GB’ on a “5G standard. Basic prices are 499,000 won, but ‘LG Hello Vision KB National Card’ or ‘U + Fine Pattern Samsung Card’ allows you to get additional discounts proportion to the amount of the previous month. If you receive additional discounts, it is available for up to W32,000.