Interesting for me: Stöger wants ÖFB

Peter Stöger has confirmed his interest in the vacant post of the ÖFB team chief on Sunday as well as contact with sports director Peter Schöttel. “If he wants it, then the job is interesting for me,” said the Stöger working for the TV channel “Sky” on Sunday as part of the Bundesliga top game between Salzburg and Rapid (2: 1).

“We have exchanged. I gave my assessment what I perceived from the outside. He then told a bit of what he has perceived himself in,” Stöger said about the conversation with Schöttel, at his side he once in the national team and Kicked at Rapid. “That was it then it was also clear that there will be talks with many other coaches.”

Stöger, the last mastermaker of Wiener Austria (2013), repeated the requirement profile to the new ÖFB team boss as follows: “The very crucial is for a coach who has to make decisions in a short time, on the next opponent and in a few Days has completely different qualities available, who has to look, what has he available and what guys are really good on it. He also has to be a very flexible coach in his thoughts and in his mindset. That’s something that many coaches are driving, And in the implementation, the dog is often buried. “

Discontinued on the game alignment – broken down on Ballbesitz Versus Pressing – Stöger did not want to go closer to: “I do not think you can say, we’re coming to death now or we defend ourselves to death, and that’s why we’re going to defend We European champion. “

Ruttensteiner probably no candidate

One who would probably have quite pleasure, but probably will not come to the train, is the former ÖFB sports director Willibald Ruttensteiner. After more than 20 years, he had to do the ÖFB in the autumn of 2017 for a quiet place, then worked until 2021 as a technical director for Israel’s association.

“It was a dismissal, I was hurt, it hurts. I was too critical to some people, so there will be no conversation,” said Ruttensteiner in the ORF broadcast “Sport on Sunday”.