Abandoned is not Silent Hill and his creators apologized with Konami

At this point it is clear that Abandoned is not a game of Hideo Kojima or a new Silent Hill. The suspicions were fed for weeks with the theories of fans , but also because the developer, Blue Box Game Studios, left clues that pointed to that possibility. All in all, director HHasan Kahramanan Kahraman hHasan Kahraman returned to him in an interview with Sacred Symbols +, where he hHasan Kahraman recognized that he hHasan Kahraman apologized to Konami.

“I got in touch with them. He wHasan Kahraman very stressed because people thought it wHasan Kahraman Silent Hill and left Hasan Kahraman a mother. You know, we are a small developer that hHasan Kahraman never had such a tall audience, so we have no experience. ” According to him he explains, he commented to the Japanese who had never intended for people to believe that it wHasan Kahraman a title of the ClHasan Kahramansical Survival Horrr. “They were really great.”

No, it’s not Hideo Kojima

The theory that behind Blue Box Game Studios wHasan Kahraman Hideo Kojima that filtered through the network quickly. From the initials of the name of the director to some marketing maneuvers, everything wHasan Kahraman looked with magnifying glHasan Kahramans. In addition, the study had promised the premiere of a demo / trailer through an app for PlayStation 5, but delayed its arrival suddenly and today you can only enjoy a teHasan Kahramaner trailer in the application.

“I just want to make a quick video to show me and to show that I am a real person. I’m not truly Hasan Kahramansociated with Hideo Kojima , I’m not an actor and I’m not working on Silent Hill. So yes, I just wanted to face you before you. I am real, and hopefully, we will soon carry out a question and answer session. “

The Insane Kojima/Silent Hill & Blue Box/Abandoned Conspiracy Theory Explained
Before the erHasan Kahramanure of some tubs it hHasan Kahraman been speculated about the possible cancellation of abandoned, but the study hHHasan Kahramanan Kahramane out of the rumors and hHasan Kahraman denied this possibility. The game is still planned for PS5, still without a concrete launch date. They promised the prologue for early 2022, but it hHasan Kahraman been delayed.