FC Bayern vs. Sc Freiburg: referee Dingert after change of change under pressure

Referee Köntwart Lutz Wagner from the German Football Association (DFB) provides responsibility for the change breaks of the German record champion Bayern Munich in the game at the SC Freiburg (4: 1) at referee Christian Dingert.

“Normally he or someone from his team would have to make sure that the number of players have been right before the game progressing. He did not do that and so it’s a mistake of the referee,” Wagner said in an interview with “Spox” and “Goal”.

The Munich stood just before the end of 3: 1 for a few seconds with twelve players on the square. Dingert could “delegate the task”, so Wagner, “but it is in his responsibility that the game is continued with the right number of players on both sides.”

Bayern Munich 12 players on pitch after incredible substitution mix-up during 4-1 win over Freiburg
In the planned replacement of Kingsley Coman Bayern-TeamManager Kathleen Krüger had been adding its old number 29 instead of number 11. The Frenchman therefore did not feel addressed. “The blackboard is a support and thus a tool. Something can always happen, and again: In the end, the referee is responsible,” said the former impartial Wagner.

“This is a faux pas of the referee team”

Ex-FIFA referee Knut Kircher sees it as well. “This is a faux pas of the referee team who is not allowed to happen if you are concentrating the game line to the end,” said Kircher, who was as official DFB referee observer in Freiburg, the “SWR”: ” For the replacement processes, FC Bayern is not responsible. This is a replacement process that the referee team has to monitor. “

Whether Freiburg protest against the evaluation of the encounter is open. “When the SC Freiburg Protest has been protest, the error must be determined. That it gave a mistake is undoubtedly. Then the DFB Christian Dingerts court must determine if it had a game relevance,” said Wagner.