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GTA Online: Fan thinks that a secret boss pulls the threads

GTA 5 and GTA Online tend to rise numerous conspiracy theories – many of them are complete nonsense. However, a reddit user has set up a statement that many players support: draws a secret gangster boss in the background the threads?

GTA Online: Fan expresses fascinating theory

In GTA online, the players can fight as gangster for power and wealth . Since the introduction of the Economic DLCs, it is also possible to start your own companies in GTA online to sell drugs and other goods. Also, with the Cayo Perico Heist, a new scene was added on which the players can rob the Gangster Baron El Rubio .

Reddit User Chris95RX7500 expresses a terrible suspicion. Could it be that the players play themselves a prank? Or that someone secretly pulls out of the background the threads in GTA online?

WAS is when El Rubio is the one who buys money, grass and cocaine from our MC shops ? And then we raid the island, to stick back to our shit , the fan writes to Reddit.

how to find el rubio
_Also gta is not perfect, rock star! If you avoid these errors in the next part, GTA 6 becomes a true hit: _

Community is open to the idea

The community of GTA Online is stunned, on theory could be a bit of it. Reddit user sampleswow even goes a step further and suspected, that El Rubio itself is behind it . “WAS is when El Rubio is the fencer and we pay for it that he steals his things for insurance fraud? And he pays us only a small cut so we do it again.

At first it remains only a theory. It remains to be seen whether developer Rockstar has provided such a twist for another story DLC in GTA online or if it remains only with a funny assumption. The fans are in the case of the case and are looking for more information in GTA online.

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