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Gears ESPORTS: So the competition is dismissed in Latin America

This March 15 was defined, a hard but expected reality was defined. The current season of ESPORTS for Gears 5 will be the last. At least this was announced by the coalition, the title developer study, through a statement. Of course, before the revelation, various players pointed as much sadness and satisfaction for the moments lived at this stage of their lives as professional players. This, of course, without knowing if the circuit will return in an eventual gears 6.

The Franchise Gears of War, in his deliveries 4 and 5, became a relatively successful electronic sport for the Mexican scene. Daniel “Identivez” Santillana became International Champion with Ghost Gaming. Meanwhile, players like Héctor “Dezonide” Compeate or Carlos “Monkyz” Minguez, among others, renowned subcampeonatos representing organizations such as Pittsburgh Knights, estrus, Fire n Ice, among others. Not counting that events in Aztec territory were the most expected due to the passion of the community.

Not only events like the Pro League or the Major were part of this circuit. He has also had a feminine scene with wide Latin American participation. Of the international competitive events for the female community only in one has not been champion a team of Latin American or Mexican origin. Which adds to the moments of enjoyment that the community has had.

We talked with one of the most important table talents that Gears has had as ESPORT, as well as with someone who managed to win over the world title. This for, at the same time, recapitulate what this circuit has been, which is important for the community and what is expected to the future. Which becomes a farewell that, of course, is expected not to become definitive.

From the beginning and until the end

Alberto “Betrucci” Ascanio is one of the voices with the greatest recognition at the gears’ casing. During a long season he was part of the team responsible for commenting the Gears Pro League in Aztec Esports. He role that he, of course, he played in several events prior to the arrival of the game to the adjustment television. He is currently one of the coders of the competitive circuit for halo: infinite in Latin America.

“I discovered the competitive of Gears through Chocuhe community players, Involving, Scorpion K, Punkii and Diletz as I learned about social networks that had been the first Latinos (Mexican) to win a 2K MLG tournament. It was then when I investigated more than said league, I knew that NA supported with community tournaments called Hypefestation which were organized by Captain Barbosa, “says Betrucci. “In summary, I began to investigate everything related to the competitive scene in this saga that for many had become a discipline.”

From Gears of War 3 Betrucci participated in Ladders in MLG Gamebattles and attending various competitive events. However, in 2012 he had the idea of creating American-style tournaments. This taking advantage of the connection of a cybercafé from the city of him and leaning on colleagues to carry logistics. However, at the time of publicly transmitting the final phases there was no one to narrate. Task that, of course, ended up carrying out Alberto.

“I encouraged myself to stop playing to compete and I started studying the world of narration and locution, as well as more of the super sounds at that time. I also had the opportunity to grow with them making good friends. Today, several of them are members of the strongest organizations with Latin Roster, “Better tells us. “If it had not been for the mood of my teammates and having decided to take the microphone would not be in the place that I am today.”

Betrucci had to see key moments in the history of Gears Esports. Especially for Latin America and Mexico. From the Open in Las Vegas in 2018, where Identivez achieved its international crown breaking the language barrier, passing through the final streak achieved by Pittsburgh Knights. Even the final of Paris, which at that time was a confrontation of Latin America against North America in Spyce against Optic Gaming. However, face-to-face events in Mexico are worthy of great memories.

“People’s energy feels in each rotation of their favorite teams, in each strategy, in each kill, in each round, defeat or victory. The passion of people is transmitted at all times and being able to bring them play them, analysis, emotion and passion in each confrontation, as well as living with all of them, it is the most beautiful that can exist between the wonderful community we have in Gears of War, “the Caster tells us. “There are people who have been knowing only by Xbox Live and there they manage to know each other in person, from that to loving relationships where some end up creating families.”

TV Azteca, from 2020, has developed electronic sports as part of its content offer. While currently focused on FIFA, League of Legends and Gears 5, they started experimenting with Pubg and Smash Bros. Ultimate. In this opportunity Betrucci contacted the responsible and went to present both the curriculum of him as a work interview. Although the possibility of participating in this circuit took to arrive.

Gears of Trash Talk

“One day they are made with the Gears ESports project for Latin America and brinqué of emotion, but they did not give me called. They began to receive not so good reviews on the part of the community and proceeded to call my friend Dicarrera (who was located in Puebla) and attended three of the first season of the League. For the week four they called me and from there I stayed as a fixed of the project until November 2021, staying good and grateful everywhere, “the Caster tells.

Two splits are, accompanied by two mains online. North American players have 60 percent, for Betrucci, to stay with these titles. However, the possibilities that a team with Latin American players rise with a championship can grow. Whether with Rebel, Pittsburgh Knights or even with the participation of Max “Dyslexic” loyal on the EUNITED team. For the Latin American community, a championship will be of great value, always highlights the narrator.

“Many of the players will migrate to different FPS and Battle Royals as ESPORTS at the end of the competitive Gears. Others will take a good rest from here to let us have news of such an expected Gears of War: Fenix Collection or so longed Gears 6 “, concludes Betrucci regarding the future of the players, not without first talking about the support that The Coalition gave The competitive scene.

Shooting with the Gnasher to the glass ceiling

The female events of Gears are not rare. Nor do they share the scene with their male counterparts. Organizations such as Fire N Ice totaled a ladies team, which opened space inside the keys open in several major tournaments. Competencies such as the League Metro or the Goddess League served as space for the girls to show their skills in competition.

However, it was until March 2021 when Xbox and The Coalition gave end to the first international female tournament. This commemorating the month of the woman in the American Union. Uyu, North American organization, charged a majority Latin American team. Sweet “Advice” Almanza was part of this squad along with the Mexican Karen “InfaFeth” Martínez, the Colombian Mariana “Maritere” V. and the creator of Content Armenia Violetcapz.

Later she adordee collaborated at the pass at the end of the first force of the LPL circuit for the rebel team, with whom she beat the Furyone team. This fact came back one of the first ladies to break the taboo that girls are not at the level of male players. For this reason we approach this player, who began to compete in Gears of War 3 back in 2013, to know her expectations at the end of the circuit.

“On many occasions I had to cancel personal plans to train and participate in tournaments or leagues,” adorizes us from the sacrifices she made to make this dream come true. “I really will never regret this, because it’s something I enjoy a lot. And above all because it is a commitment that you do not do alone with you, but with your teammates, the brand to which you represent and in case of tournaments, to the organizers. “

For sweet and the whole community, having a female formal tournament, endorsed by Xbox and The Coalition, it was a surprise. This despite the fact that it was talked about a female professional circuit of Gears 4. Even so, they had to wait until the last year competitive in order to have an international competition in a manner dedicated to that sector. Of course, this does not prevent players as she would take important lessons of life.

“I learned to develop in things in which I have knowledge, she showed me that we do not know everything and we can always improve ourselves. Also know how to take the lead in something and help others who are going through something that one himself experienced and that maybe you did not have the opportunity or the support that you can give today, “the player added. “I also learned that it is too important to have control of your actions and your emotions, since a few seconds can make it completely change a situation.”

The lessons did not stop there. She’s involvement in this type of competence allowed him to understand that it is necessary to leave the ego aside, because not everything is based on a person and everything depends on teamwork. Besides that situations such as being able to compete with men and beat helped him realize that being the best in one aspect does not make you the best in everything, so there is always an opportunity to improve and grow.

“I had the opportunity to compete with and against excellent players and I will always be grateful for that, because I could realize all the path that I have left to travel,” said Advise, whom we also asked his opinion of the support they gave the COALITION AND XBOX TO THE SCENE. “I think that support the game in general was very good. It is clear that we all have mistakes and many times they were in complicated situations at occasions in which the community had various opinions about updates or arrangements. “

“In the feminine, I do not consider that it was enough, many girls have competed for years, and we all dreamed of some special event for us,” adds the player. “I think it was very late at our moment, but I am equally grateful for letting us enjoy those emotions that are lived when playing for a championship.”

Sweet expect Xbox and The Coalition and be working at the next game, especially considering that there is a lot of community that continues to compete passionately. For this reason it would be sad to stagnate. In Gears 6 she is sure she will return, because it is something that she has enjoyed her and has helped her develop in various aspects.

Men and women. Of different ages. In Latin America there is a passion for this game that has led to good competitive performance, whether or not they are a championship. There is a community that sees sadly this goodbye, but expects it to be a short farewell. Especially because, when the next e day arrives, the call will be ready to keep looking for the dream. At least on this side of the world.