Demo version distribution started at “Sekiro” wind 2D action “Nine Sols” Steam. Impact of the mysterious “Taopunk” action with that hand

Developer’s Red Candle Games started distributing the demo version of 2D action adventure game “ Nine Sols ” currently under development on April 2 at STeam. It is a content that can feel the game play and the world view of this work.

“Nine Sols” is a new action game where Red Candle Games, based in Taiwan. The studio is known to have a horror game such as “returned school-DETENTION-” and “repeated Devotion”. On the other hand, in this work “Nine Sols” incorporates an action element inspired by “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice”, and tension has a sense of tension. It is also one of the features of the Western cyberpunk element and the world view “Taopank” that combines the element of Oriental myths and Tao.

This demo version delivery made it possible for the player themselves to actually experience such a world view and gameplay. Operate the protagonist YI (羿) and enjoy the battle that shifts the enemy’s attack. It is also found that it has been an animation with densely drawn analog color graphics and the cut scene that has received an inspire from Japanese animation and manga. Also, it should be noted that it has become a “heavy” world view more than imagined and has a cruel expression. If you are worried about “Nine Sols”, please check the feel of this work at this opportunity.

In addition, “Nine Sols” is under the development source official shop at the cloud funde campaign. The initial target of 3 million units (approximately ¥ 12.81 million) have already been cleared. Article Writing Currently, investment is gathered until more than 6 million Taiwan dollar (about 25.62 million yen) stretch goal, and the height of the expectation is welcome. This Stretch Goal Achievement “Story Mode” is a game mode that allows you to enjoy the story with easy difficulty than players who are not good at action. In addition, the web comic “Sankai Corp.” which will be the day before this work is also available. I also want to look at it to show the shocking development.

“Nine Sols” will be released in the second quarter of 2023 for PC (STEAM / Developer Official Shop). The demo version is currently distributed at Steam. We are planning to release Nintendo and Sony’s console.