Among US actually adds a new mode for the day of the innocent

Last April, the official Entre us The Twitter account published a “damn image” of a crew companion made to look like a horse. The InnerSloth developer was only showing it as a joke, but that design now opened way officially in the game as part of the new horse mode. While this is definitely part of a joke of the day of the innocent, it is really available in the game, but for a very limited period of time; The way will cease to exist on April 1 at 8 p. m. ET. Everything is ridiculous, but innersloth definitely gets points for making a joke of the day of the innocents that really exists inside the game!

Among Us Horse Mode ???? our april fools joke is live now
You can find an advance of HORSE MODE on the Tweet embedded below.

As expected, it seems _Entre, fanatics really enjoy this new incorporation, and the previous Tweet reception has been pretty good. Many players seem to be making plans to see the way before it disappears, so clearly Innersloth has found gold with the gag of the day of the innocents this year. It is not yet on April 1, but the fans are already calling Innersloth the winner of the day, and it definitely seems that this jaw will be difficult to overcome. Hopefully let’s see other developers adopt similar jokes during the next 24 hours!

According to Innersloth, the mode will automatically appear in the game, provided that players have updated to the latest version. In addition to the change in the designs of the characters, a new death sound “neigh” was added. Innersloth planned to add the sound of a real-life horse, but one of the team members expressed it as a position marker and others liked so much that he stayed. While this mode is available, the “horse colleagues” can only wear hats and visors. Innersloth also warns that this “was made as a parallel project of joke, so there could be some rare images.”

Entre us is currently available in iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and PC. You can check all our previous game coverage here.

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