Rainbow Six Siege: Rick and Morty land in the game, an unlikely trailer

Rainbow Six Siege: Rick and Morty Bundle #3 Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

Released in 2015, Rainbow Six Siege is probably one of Ubisoft’s most beautiful successes for long-selling, and the title continues to captivate the attention of players. The reasons ? Impeccable follow-up on the part of the developers, who do not hesitate to multiply collaborations, sometimes awesome, sometimes foolish. Today, we learn the arrival of a Pack dedicated to the Animated Rick & Morty series through skins that will play with the mythical duet in person. It is the Doc and Fuze operators who are also concerned, with a bonus of weapons dressed in the colors of the series as well. If this partnership risks talking about social networks, however, know that this is not the first time the game integrates animated series skins. We remember that Rick-Ornichon and Gromflost had already been introduced into the game for SMOKE and SLEDGE agents. Then we could incarnate Krombopulos Michael and Mr Larbin for thermitis and Ace operators. Come on, Truce of Blabla, place with improbable trailer.