This will be the prices of the new ps plus in latam

At this point, it is most likely that you have already learned about the new service of PLUS that Sony will be offering its users in the coming months. One of the things that are worth noting is that, for Latin America , the Japanese firm adjusted its prices and this is how they will be compared to other territories.

Even though in the PlayStation Store of Mexico we continue to pay with dollars, for this new service Sony yes adjusted the prices according to each territory, and in the case of Latin America , yes They will be considerably cheaper. Next, a comparison with prices at United States.


– Latin America

$ 699 monthly / $ 16.99 quarterly / $ 39.99 per year

– United States

$ 9.99 Monthly / $ 24.99 Quarterly / $ 59.99 per year


– Latin America

$ 10.49 Monthly / $ 27.99 Quarterly / $ 66.99 per year

– United States

$ 14.99 Monthly / $ 39.99 Quarterly / $ 99.99 per year


– Latin America

$ 11.99 Monthly / $ 31.99 Quarterly / $ 76.99 per year

– United States

$ 17.99 Monthly / $ 49.99 Quarterly / $ 119.99 per year

  • In this case, it is worth noting that PS3 games will not come to our territory because there is no coverage for Cloud Gaming in Latin America by Sony.

As you can see, there is a considerable difference in price if we compare it with a territory like United States. The interesting thing about all this will be known how the price of the premium category will be adjusted once Gaming_ already reaches Latin America **.

Editor’s note: The truth is that they are not bad, and I think it definitely draws the attention that prices have been adjusted for each territory. Maybe having as many categories can be something confusing for the user, but let’s hope that this is not the case.