This great cosplay awakes Ranni from Elden Ring to life

The action role-playing elden ring is very popular not only with the pure gaming community, but is also at the Cosplay community currently very high in the course. It appears more and more photos of disguises of individual characters from the recent work of the developer studio from software. The latest work of the Cosplayer “Zelda” is worth a closer look.

The witch Ranni from Elden Ring brings to life

It is a great worshiper of The Witch Ranni , which you already meet in the game of the game and that occupies a not exactly insignificant role. For the right costume has invested the cladding artist numerous working hours , which is very easy to recognize on the recently published photo.

So she has not only had to raise a lot of time for the actual clothing and the right hairstyle (wig), but especially for the elaborate make-up. With his help, the Cosplayerin has missed both the fahle skin color as well as striking details in the face . The absolutely worth seeing result comes the template amazingly close, the artist has caused Ranni from Elden Ring truly to life .

Still more gaming cosplays to marvel

Incidentally, it is not the first costume of this kind, in the past week we had already reported on another sighting Ranni Cosplay from Elden Ring. But other games also serve the cosplay community as a template for great costumes. In the younger past, TIFA from Final Fantasy 7, Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn or Ellie from The Last of US 2. For your entry into the cosplay scenes, we recommend the book Cosplay Crash Course the author Mina Petrovic.

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