NFL introduces new rule

Art Rooney II on new NFL minority initiatives
The National Football League (NFL) in the US wants to get the problem lacking diversity in responsible positions with a new measure under control.

At the beginning of the new season in September, the NFL teams must employ at least one assistant coach for the offensive, who belongs to a minority. This announced the league on Monday after the owners of all 32 franchises decided to do so as part of their meeting in Florida.

Thus, the fact takes into account that most headcoaches tend to rise from the area of ​​offensive coaches, Art Rooney II, owner of Pittsburgh Steelers said. “We clearly have the trend that the coaches come from the offensive, and we clearly do not have many minorities in the posts of offensive coordinator,” says Rooney, also chairman of the NFL committee for diversity and inclusion.

The league has been in criticism for a while for lack of diversity. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell described these as “unacceptable”, even US President Joe Biden finally turned on. With a view to the entire league, “the idea is absenter that there is not enough African-American coaches that can lead teams,” he said in an NBC interview.

The former Miami-Dolphins-Headcoach Brian Flores had previously gave the topic more urgency again, he sued the NFL due to allegedly racially motivated disadvantages. Although the “Rooney Rule” was already committed to inviting the teams to invite a certain rate of people from minorities to interviews. According to Flores, however, this is partly done only in spot talks.