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Grand Theft Auto V: Xbox Series S version disappointed in the analysis

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Digital Foundy has looked closer the new version of Grand Theft Auto V on the Xbox Series S. The experts showed less excited than it was about the Xbox Series X version.

According to Digital Foundry, the disadvantages and smears of Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox Series S opposite the Xbox Series X are so strong that it was difficult to sell it as a paid upgrade.

The analysis shows that GTA V on Xbox Series S also has a “Fidelity” or “Performance” mode with 30 or 60 fps. The resolutions are on the Xbox Series S 1440P (Fidelity) and 1080p (performance), but equal to the resolutions on Xbox One S and PlayStation 4.

Both modes on XBox Series S also miss the RayTracing function as applied to Xbox Series X.

Overall, Digital Foundry promised more power on the Xbox Series S console. Especially in performance mode, the S is significantly slower than the X.

For the frame rates, the Xbox Series S in moments becks significantly below 60 fps if a lot on the screen does. The deficit is particularly evident in missions with shootings and explosions.

On the other hand, the loading times have noticed positively. So it takes about 21 seconds from the main menu to the control of Travis in his house. On the old consoles it was well over 2 minutes.

The analysis in the video: