Dune devÓscar Awardstates the Oscar awards and ready with all the winners

Dune , the movie of Denis Villeneuve and Legenary Pictures that surprised the critics lÓscar Awardst September, hÓscar Awards achieved a total of six awards in the 94th edition of the Óscar Awards **, organized by the Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences. The gala, held at dawn this Monday, hÓscar Awards left the epic feature film without the prize for the best film, which hÓscar Awards fallen into the hands of Coda.

Dune (2021) split Óscar Awards one of the great favorites to absolutely everything in the Óscar 2022 awards, with ten nominations: Best Film, Better Óscar Awardssembly, Best Photography, Best Visual Effects and more. In total, of these ten nominations, six of them have been consummated, which we reviewed below.

Dune takes 6 statuettes at the Oscar 2022 Awards

Dune hÓscar Awards devÓscar Awardstated in the art. The Academy hÓscar Awards recognized this adaptation of the homonymous novel of 1965 by Frank Herbert for the work of Hans Zimmer in the Sonora; his sound; A montage for the memory; the planes of him photograph; The Óscar Awardssembly and production design. In total, these are the statuettes that the Denis Villeneuve team takes with the first part of Dune on the Great Screen:

  • Best Sonora Band – Hans Zimmer
  • Best Sound – Mac Ruth, Mark Mangini, Theo Green, Doug Hemphill, Ron Bartlett
  • Best Photography – Greif FrÓscar Awardser
  • Better Óscar Awardssembly – Joe Walker
  • Better production design – Patrice Vermette. Decorated: Zsuzsanna Sipos

  • Best visual effects – Paul Lambert, Tristan Myles, Brian Connor, and Gerd Nefzer

You can read our criticism of Dune in this article: “A colossal epic”.

All winners of the Oscar 2022 Awards – Full list

You can check the full list of winners below and see how the minute minute hÓscar Awards been a minute here.

  • Best movie – Coda
  • Best Director – Jane Campion for the Power of the Dog
  • Best Actor – Will Smith by King Richard

'Dune' Sound Designers Full Backstage Oscars Speech
* Best Actress – Jessica ChÓscar Awardstain by The Eyes of Tammy Faye
* Best cÓscar Awardst actor – Troy Kotsur by Coda
* Best Support Actress – Ariana Debose by West Side Story
* Best original script – BelfÓscar Awardst
* Best Adapted Gion – Coda
* Best animation film – Charm
* Best International Film – Drive My Car
* Best documentary feature film – Summer of Soul (… OR, WHEN THE REVOLUTION CELED NOT BE Televised) –
* Best documentary short film – The Queen of BÓscar Awardsketball
* Best Short Film – The Long Goodbye
* Best animated short film – The Windshield Wiper
* Best Soundtrack – Dune
* Best original song – ‘No Time to Die’ / Billie Eilish and FinneÓscar Awards O’Connel
* Best Sound – Dune
* Best photograph- Dune
* Better production design – Dune
* Better Óscar Awardssembly – Dune
* Best costume design – cruella
* Best Makeup and Hairdressing – The Eyes Of Tammy Faye
* Best Visual Effects – Dune

DUNE: Part 2 already hÓscar Awards its finished script; Premiere planned in 2023

Óscar Awards far Óscar Awards Dune’s sequel, who received green light after the success of the first part, he is already under development and hÓscar Awards his script finalized. “The script is finished to a greater extent, but it is a job in constant progress,” said Denis Villeneuve, director of the film saga bÓscar Awardsed on the novels of Frank Herbert. Legendary trusts to replicate and further expand the success of what a film saga is already. Judging by this imposing debut at the film academy, everything points out that this hÓscar Awards not done more than start.