Creator who worked on “Coffee Talk” and “What Comes After” dies Mohammad Fahmi

Indonesian Games Studio Toge Productions announced on March 28 that Mohammad Fahmi died. Fahmi’s Twitter account him reported that he died. The partner TOGE Productions has officially announced.

Mohammad Fahmi is a game creator. He started career as a programmer and plays an active role as a game designer. He crossed several companies and started to work as a walking writer. He then joined TOGE PRODUCTION with the editing of the media. In the same studio, I was involved in marketing such as PR.

After that he launched the “Coffee Talk” project. He developed a heterogeneous coffee adventure as a writer / game designer / director. Flowering the talent of writing a story while utilizing the experience of the game development so far. He was released and led to success while receiving the advice of the “VA-11 Hall-A” creators that were in the original source.

Fahmi is dedicated to independent game development while continuing with TOGE Productions. He worked on the short-story adventure “What Comes After” towards the death world, and he was developing “Afterlove EP” with the game studio Pikselnesia as a new work.

Fahmi was also active in Twitter activities. He posted a video that touches a cat on March 27, and at 2 o’clock on March 28, he posted a card of “Yu-Gi-Oh” card. However, as mentioned above in about 5, his family reported that Fahmi died. And it has reached the announcement by TOGE Productions. Toge Productions Kris Antoni represents a deep sadness while saying, “I was kidding until last night.” In addition, people who have been involved with Fahmi are also condyle.

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