Ark: survival evolved

[Todays Steam] Planet Terra Forming New,

New titles appeared in the top of the world’s top market with the start of the team. The Planet Crafter “, which was released as ahead of the 25th. As you can see in the name, this game has been developed by the French Indie Games Developer in France, as a survival game as a planetary terra form.

The background story deals with the process of changing the planet to create a outpost and that the main character arrived in the unknown planet with an environment where humanity is difficult to live. Exploring all over the planets and collects resources necessary for survival, production, and building the resources necessary to build their own bases. Domestic gamers can be played without a language barrier because they support Korean subtitles here.

The initial assessment of the Planet Crafter is good. The steam user assessment is 93 at 1:19 on the 25th, and the 93 reviews are ‘very positive (96%)’, and the more we play the new factor, the core play such as survival, exploring, and construction. It is gaining a clean configuration that is clean.

In addition to this, Ghost Wire was released on the 25th, followed by Tokyo, followed by Lego Star Wars: Skiller Saga, Core Keeper, It Takepu, Red Dead Lem Demonstration 2, has kept the top 10. From the 18th, the Nier Replicant Ver.1.22474487139… “was also strong in the 17th.

Launching ROCKETS To Terraform A Planet ! The Planet Crafter [E3]
At the top of the world in the steam, Dread Hunger rose to 116,399. Dread Hunger has been a survival game that has been a survival game as a survival game as a survival game on January 27, which has steadily increased concurrent users and revealed his appeal.