First conclusion to the booster

After the first rounds on the new DLC routes for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a preliminary conclusion: The 8 courses are an enrichment for the game, the criticism in advance was exaggerated. There are some disappointments anyway.

8 Tracks, 2 Cups: This offers the new MK8-DLC so far

Of course, on Friday night, we have overturned on the 8 new routes of the Golden Turbo Cup and the Lucky Council Cups , which Mario Kart 8 Deluxe now expand (see Boosterpass at Amazon). And against expectations, the quota to highlight stretches with 50% is really good! The tracks in the individual criticism.

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Paris-Parcours / Paris Promenade (from Mario Kart Tour)

Just a highlight at the beginning: The Paris route offers an interesting race through wide and narrow streets, through the triumphal arch and the Eiffel tower, also varies the route with each round . Breaking track! 3/3

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe's Booster Course Pass is BAD

TOADS PISTE / TOAD CIRCUIT (from Mario Kart Tour)

Relatively short and simple track in the styles of a classic racetrack. Visually and driving a bit boring, at best for beginners well suited to learn drifts. The 2D toads in the audience, texturless lawn, polygon arms 3D models – Technically Toads slope is the weakest among the new routes . 1/3

Chocolate Swamp / Choco Mountain (from Mario Kart 64)

The route reminds somewhat to the Yoshi valley with bonds to Warios Goldmine, but leaves the genius branch of the first person from the former and the driving finesse from the latter track. Loyalty to the original in all honors, but something “jewelry” on the edge of the trail apart from the brown chocolate texture mash and the rockfall section as well as a few better abbreviations would have stood the track well to face. 2/3

Coconut Promenade / Coconut Mall (from Mario Kart Wii)

The shopping center from the Wii version of Mario Kart is an absolute classic who has been lovingly modernized here. Beautiful shortcuts, great stretch details, class music – alone the route pass has already been charged . More of it, Nintendo! 3/3

Tokyo Tempotour / Tokyo Blur (from Mario Kart Tour)

The first and urban of the two trails in the Tokyo style, with varying route management. Who drifts well, is the advantage. No filling material, but also no highlight. 2/3

Mushroom Pass / Shroom Ridge (from Mario Kart DS)

Ugh, he’s back, the traffic flow from Toads highway. Personally, I look at the NPC carts as my nemesis, but many love them for unavoidable reasons. The fungus pass is really challenging with its harassment and has a crass abbreviation over the abyss in the S-curve shortly before the goal. Optically, the route is unspectacular, but a feet found for MK8D professionals . 2/3

Cloud Piste / Sky Garden (from Mario Kart: Super Circuit)

A short and winding route, which of course reminds immediately of the clouds road, but much varied. Okay, but no highlight. 2/3

Ninja-dojo / Ninja Hideaway (from Mario Kart Tour)

What a wild ride is this route, please? In the race through a Japanese dojo temple plant, there are several branches and abbreviations, partly hair-raising harassment and a great, detailed environment in beautiful bamboo cherry blossom mood. Absolute highlight! 3/3

Conclusion: Half of the routes convinced

In advance, many players criticized that the new stretches of old games were recycled, although this was also the case in many ways in Mario Kart 8. It was also criticized that many routes from Mario Kart Tour, the mobile game offshoot came , so shorter and “colorful”. The former is true a bit, the latter rather less – the new routes fit well into the entire route portfolio of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, also the old routes have large variance in comparison.

With Paris Parcours and Ninja dojo, even two tour distances are absolute highlights of the first track package. They have interesting branches, are stylish and driving challenging. Other highlights are the new edition of the coconut promenade and at least driving the fungus pass, a real “stinker” in my view only toad’s slope.

As a long-term fan of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the 25 euros alone would have been worth it for these four routes. The new tracks are a welcome enrichment for an already extensive game and offer a similar quality spectrum like the original tracks. Also to praise is the excellent musical accompaniment on all tracks that does not have any quality grades to the main game. The Mario Kart feel is right! So: Everything is fine. Or? Well, not quite…

_Wer wants to see the new routes in action, takes a look into the official trailer: _

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Disappointment 1: No new routes in online mode

On Friday evening, the online mode was filled with players from all over the world who would like to have proven to be on the new routes. However, at this time, the two new cups were not yet included in the list of playable routes. Not even if you spent the route choice on “accidental”, these were playable.

Why this? Well, in public online mode the new tracks were recorded only from 21 March . But that was done, but at best in the changelog, deeply buried on the Nintendo side. Because, after all, even without having bought the DLC, you can gamble the new routes when one of the other players owns him.

And so many players would have liked to familiarize themselves on the weekend with the new routes online and based on whether they should buy the route pass. The chance has nintendo. Preliminary buyers of the route pass were also kidnapped because they could play them at best in private matches online. Under the bottom line a bad decision of Nintendo, which was also communicated miserable .

Disappointment 2: No further content

Anyone who had hoped that Nintendo would also add new drivers, vehicle parts or other improvements, is also deceived. Although the game was on version 2.0.0 update , according to Changelog, there was also non-named bugfixes – but for example, a drop in the unnecessary download restriction for ghosts in the time-flight mode was not intended – a big obstacle to the secret “Trackmania mode” from Mario Kart 8 to be able to enjoy. Well, we hope for the upcoming updates.


Mario Kart 8: That’s all this week in the DLC

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How to go to the Boosterpass?

According to Nintendo, the remaining 40 tracks in 5 other waves are rolled out to 8 tracks each until the end of 2023. There are still dates yet, but that would mean that we can expect new tracks about every four months. In summer, it should continue with two more Cups.