The Witcher, Hogwarts Legacy & Co: How much hype should it be?

It’s time for a confession: I’m a Harry Potter Fanboy! I grew up like many others with the books and the films and I like as many others as well as the new Hogwarts Legacy. After all, this is finally the game to wait for the fans for years and where somehow a studio has come to the idea to implement.
After the fans had had to do without new information for a whole year since the announcement, there was finally 15 minutes concentrated gameplay with magic, secrets and opportunities last week. Then I would then have said immediately: “Shut Up and Take My Money!”

Because I am quite open and honest with you and say: Player editors can sometimes catch the enthusiasm and promise of players. But to be honest, I find the ascension on the hypetrain for players – no matter if professional or not – also completely okay. It is more important that you can then descend again.

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Proof H, like Hogwarts

Finally, a magic student will be the great promise of Hogwarts Legacy Source: Warner Bros. The example Hogwart’s Legacy has shown me again how fast you can catch the hype and forgets possible problems or simply overlooks. As already mentioned, this game wants to satisfy the need for at least 20 years at Harry-Potter fans. Finally, Potterheads may go to Hogwarts themselves.

We come to school, we are divided into one of the four houses from the talking hat and we take part in the classroom. In addition, we clearly explore the surrounding area of ​​the school, including wizard village Hogsmeade and of course we conjure all the spells that we know from the films and books – to Avada Kedavra.

Actually, everything is great, but the devil is in detail, because even after 15 minutes gameplay, some question marks immerse me with me. What about this weird chosen story? In Hogwarts Legacy, we will not be a student of the first class, but are rising as a fifth grader. Where was our gamework because the first four years on the way and how does he want the whole solar substance as free the Open World really? Source: Warner Bros. Games quickly catch up, that he or she fights against dark wizard and besides a goblin uprising in addition? The developers will certainly list a lot of arguments here, but somehow you will not feel that it is constructed to satisfy a hero fantasy.

Then there would be the game mechanics. Yes, we will use all the spells, we will discover secrets and we will participate in the lessons. But how that’s being implemented in the end, nobody knows right, because nobody was allowed to play. Perhaps the “participation” is also simply negotiated within two main quests and then we are omniscient. Maybe the card is, as in so many other Open Worlds, would be fully charged with symbols that demand each puzzle and any mystery in Hogwarts. Maybe the conjure is only running on dull buttons-mashing ala “press x and profits!”

What’s that about?

Most of it, the eyebrows raised me in the room of the wishes. Because the space of desires will, in a sense, will be our own base that we are allowed to expand and in which we also craft resources. Among other things, we will grow plants, but why are over those a timer? This is even a real-time timer!? So we really have to let time pass, so that the plants grow? What shoud that?

The developers emphasize again and again that they have no microstransaktions in the game, but that’s just one of the most famous mechanics for such a thing! Build time barriers that can then be overcome with real money. Who thinks about developers that something is a good idea? Did Microtransaktions planned in Hogwarts Legacy and now only the annoying waiting is left?

What finally brings us to developer Avalanche software. Incidentally, these are not the Avalanche Studios, which are known for their just-Cause series. Avalanche software has nothing to do with it. So far, the studio has only spent years under Disney Halware games to movies and then developed the toys-to-life gaming series Disney Infinity. When the games were no longer successful, they were even closed by Disney and reopened under Warner Bros. Then you have made a game to the Pixfilm Cars 3 and since then you sit at Hogwarts Legacy. Of course you should ask the question: Can they even? Continue on page 2 with the one thing we should not take. Page 1 How much hype should it be? Page 2 How much hype should it be? Page 3 picture gallery to The Witcher, Hogwarts Legacy & Co: Can you still be excited? Next page next page To the gallery to the homepage