Nico Schlotterbeck reacts to BVB rumors

The national player, allegedly Borussia Dortmund, Nico Schlotterbeck from SC Freiburg has still not made a decision on a club change yet.

“About my future, I currently do not worry about. I want to end the season in Freiburg properly. The higher we end up in the table, the better that is. We also have the great chance in the cup the great chance. I’m fully concentrating on the club, “said the 22-year-old addressed to the BVB interest in the” Freiburg1 “interview.

Schlotterbeck acquainted: “I realized that these changing topics influence me. I used a bit in the second half to get in again. Meanwhile, I block everything and try to hide it.”

Admiralist feels the central defender for a possible future BVB team-colleague. “I’m a big fan of Niklas Sule, from his style of play and how he handled everything,” Schlotterbeck swarmed. “He’s a quiet player who is totally serious on the field. He really always brings very good performances and was also in a young age like me at the DFB.”

BVB interested? Change from Nico Schlotterbeck “Very likely”

Slee leaves FC Bayern after the season and join BVB. At Schlotterbeck, it may be different.

“I make my decision dependent on how I make the next step in the summer. I do not exclude that I stay in Freiburg. I signed a long time and another contract until 2023,” said the vertical starter whose market value 20 million euros is estimated.

Although a change is “very likely, but it is not yet decided. We will put together after the season. Freiburg has a viewpoint and I mean. If I feel that I can still develop in Freiburg, then I’ll stay. “

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Great ambitions in the national team

Schlotterbeck has also made a lot for the World Cup year in the national team, where he was still waiting for his debut.

“I want to be quiet and confident and bring my performance. I have now started shooting goals, which is certainly quite good as center-back. I always want to play zero, that stands for me about everything. When the zero is, you will win At the DFB 99 percent of your games, because you have a tremendous quality in the front of the offensive, “said the still-Freiburg.