In the medieval European country shim “Medieval dynasty”, enjoy “Working”. Nice bicycle operation life to reciprocate on site and manager

It is such an era, who tries to be able to be able to be able to be able to be listed in the top of the child as a dream of a child, and incorporating game elements to work and study. On the other hand, in the game industry, the “simulator” boom continues for a long time, and farmers, mechanics, and ends have created works that virtual experience with various occupations, up to Youtuber. “Working” and “Game” seems to be invisible, and that fact is the front and back.

“Medieval dynasty” is a young man who has flowed naked in the middle of the medieval European style, naked and hunts the crops, hunting the beast and collects people while making a living, and bigger the village It is a game. It is on sale for PC (STeam / EPIC Games Store / Gog.com / Xbox). Publisher Toplitz Productions in Germany, Germany, is a company that releases a number of simulation games such as “Hotel Giant” and “Farmer’s Dynasty”, and this work can be said to be a work that hits the color.

As a game aiming to prosper to the stage of the Middle Ages, the “strategic simulation” called “strategic simulation” or “strategy” is mainstream that moves people and resources while looking down the land. This work is also equipped with a simulation element that makes the NPC that has been made friends, and manages the necessary resources, but it is “farming and pastoral” instead of politics and war A major feature of this game. In addition, this game is an action that moves the main character character in a first person perspective (switched to the third person), and it is for those who often play overseas action RPG such as “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” and “Kingdom Come: Deliverance” Is a feeling of familiarity. However, the player waving is not a knight sword, but it is a wolf and a palm for farming.

It seems like a game that is not a result of a simulation or RPG, but there is a good taste of these games that two elements are well chained.

Chain of action and simulation

This work has a system in the game at about 30 minutes of real time, and every three days “seasonal seasons” will change (day of season) (the number of days of one season can be changed by setting). During the season, the production of time laps is acquired, and the type of crop that can change or plant the lineup of the store and the situation of people, or plant and harvest. While traveling during the movement, time has elapsed during actions such as tree harvesting and tool creation, so it will be a short-term short-term to work with the work that needs efficiently as much as possible during the one season. Target.

The main character at the start of the start is poor skill producing articles, and there is no possession fee to buy the material. Although there are a lot of land and hunting animals that can be found in the field with Tada, it is not possible to prepare the tools and facilities necessary to make their livelihoods and hunting. Therefore, we will start with a small business that makes a poor tool with the picked stone and branches to sell to the local people.

Every year, there is a tax closure in the spring, but since it takes several seconds for tool creation, it is not possible to save money if you do not keep working hard. Even if you start agriculture with the financial funds, even if you start agriculture, you will be able to plow the field, and work such as harvesting, that is, the player needs one player, and again it will go too much. The body is a bicycle operation of capital.

However, if you start with other emergence people and give a house and work, it will transform from a game that moves up to that time, to a simulation that manages villagers from a viewpoint of 1. Villagers have parameters such as “agriculture”, “production” and “diplomacy”, and can be used to work efficiently as well as work, so it is the most important task of the player to place the villagers.

Management simulation that works with employees and people is not uncommon, but it is often a sense that makes an instruction to a character that does not exist as a character or a small moving “frame” on the screen. On the other hand, in the case of “Medieval dynasty”, it is a character of the same size as that of yourself, and I get up in the morning and go from home to work, and I’m going to see the life cycle as an actual movement to go back and sleep at night. can. It is a partner that can be passed or talked in the way, and it feels like a strange responsibility for the work of work.

Villagers are much slower than the player Smiling smiles that cash will start to accumulate.

The moment that the switching of “simulation” can be conducted well from this “action” is the point that can achieve the most serious feeling in this game.

# Enjoying the “Scene” and “Management”

If this action can be switched from this action to the simulation, it may be said that it can be said to be a step-up of a small enterprise from the individual business owner. However, the Great President, who only exists in the fiction, and later, it is the same in this work that will not be done only to the chair and not only the instruction.

For example, “fertilizer” essential when cultivating farmland is high enough to buy in the city, so if you try to increase the production volume of crops. To that end, the player will continue to breed the pig that produces the raw material of fertilizer, and the player will re-run for the construction of the livestock hut and the purchase of animals. In addition, to provide workers durable tools, we have to walk and discover the mine that produces metal, walks around the mountains with his own feet. It does not mean that there is no need for actions because they succeeded in automatic production of one product.

This game is required to develop the village with the aim of automatic production of higher-value products while repeating “working with yourself” and “Work with NPC”. This switching timing is extremely exquisite, and when it is tired of the simple work, it is possible to obtain a sense of achievement periodically because automatic production rides on track.

Since the problem increases one after another, such as food shortage and increase or decrease in workpieces, etc., the specific gravity of the action and simulation does not interrupt any. Furthermore, if the economy has developed and the money is stored, a good bow that can be focused enough to fight with dangerous animals like bears, a horse that allows high-speed movement can be purchased, and the width of the action part will also spread It is. Since the body and the brain are alternately stimulated with a moderate stimulus, it will be a walk in the next season while harming the building for building, and if you are planning to plan, take a walk in the inter-job work. I remember a feeling of comfortable fatigue, such as when organizing my thoughts.

If you play this work, you will have to work with the real work. Even to move your hand, it is also reasonable to move the head, and it is also possible to achieve the outcome of the work that is well decided to be perfectly decided, and it is not easy to work, so it’s not easy to realize it. ing. However, after the adventure travel of the adventure that this work does not have a life of the adventure “Just life hard”, it may be a little bit more than a little to be able to work in the real world. do not have.

Just in this work, the current situation (Ver. is a stress-free game that is a slightly difficult to say. There are few types of quests and installations, and there is no content shortage to play fresh. Localization is also quite a bit, and there is no “not including” sentence translation and rare translation, and there is no one sentence, and there are all the places where the choice is full of all the translation instructions. Therefore, it is a work that is difficult to recommend to all people by trying, but if these ‘s unusualness are also divided as “taste”, it should be possible to feel this world as a second hometown.

Although some works have already been launched from Toplits Productions, there has been a number of works that have been launched, but a 2022 release of “Sengoku Dynasty” is announced. However, I would like to expect it from now on, but also the world’s motivation and environmental and in the environment.