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All players are welcome, even if the Saga Immediately! ] Encourse altar to determine all server individual rankings Opening! ! New Year-end New Year Limited Accessories (Costumes) and new bosses to advent wars, New Year events are also started today!”>assiduous Saga remain the public mainly targeted. They alone will be able to understand certain references, to find with pleasure some known characters, and to actually seize the proposed universe. The adventures of Tina are somehow a game in the game, since they retrace the adventures of a small futuristic group participating in the medieval-fantastic roles game Bunkers & Brutesses. The SF universe of Borderlands therefore leaves the place to a more medieval world for all playable phases, while remaining present in some cinematics and dialogues. The three adventurers led by the young gaming mistress are the beautiful Valentine Gosse, the Freette Robot and… The Bleusaille, Your Avatar. It’s up to you to assign a class, choose from six archetypes with improbable names. Trucidopath excels in critical shots, has a ghost blade and mastery invisibility. The Frappilysmic has a familiar Wyverne and invokes a hammer causing fire or electric damage. The faulty sees the damage of its increased spells, can transform a sheep enemy (sorry, skouted) and equip two spells simultaneously instead of 1. The sow-la-death is accompanied by a half-like familiar and sacrifices part of his health to increase his damage. The sporoma can count on a mushroom inflicting poison damage, an ethereal arc, and ice cyclones. Finally, the Brr-Zerker adds ice damage to its attacks and turned to cut all nearby enemies.

The American class

If this menu seems attractive and you only know to choose, know that from level 11 you will have the opportunity to choose a secondary class, and therefore to have more skills at your disposal. Heroic statistics (strength, dexterity, intelligence, wisdom, constitution and tunning) as well as skill trees are also available so that you can shape the hero that suits you best. This fabric customization is accompanied by many aesthetic customization options (voice, size, shape of ears, nose size, banner and other subtleties of its kind). That may seem amazing for an FPS, but the game can be traveled in Coop, having fun regularly placing statues of our character in the sets, and offers us a map of the playable world where our hero appears as a figurine. This “overworld” still more concretizes the “meta” aspect and adventure tray game, since your hero and his oversized head evolve in decorations where a bobbin of spilled soda generates a river and a cheese biscuit. acts as a meteorite blocking the passage. These sequences are essentially passing through the major areas of the adventure, but we still offer some mini quests to complete and rebuilt from time to time on the subjective view for random clashes or relative to these small missions. This nice addition remains still anecdotally compared to the exploration and traditional fighting, which continue to carve the lion’s share.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - Before You Buy

You have to welcome the game for the quality of its secondary quests, which it would be criminal to abandon. Not only do they allow to garner XP, but their screenwriting is in addition to the height of the main quests, when it is not outright higher.

This is where the main weakness of the game is located which, despite some very real efforts, struggling to extricate from the borderlands carcross. The formula has been tested for a long time, and it is easy to understand that developers are reluctant to move away. For the player is the assurance of taking pleasure and the guarantee of a solid gameplay. But it is also a possible source of weariness and disappointment. Loose weapons per thousands does not impress as before, especially when we finish getting rid of 95% of the booty. It is a characteristic of the series, certainly, but the presence of spells, bodybird weapons, familiar and magical skills makes firearms less central than usual. In the end there is better time to maximize the different powers and focus on some specific weapons rather than wasting time to scrupulously study the slightest motor interest. Paradoxically, so these are the innovations brought by the medieval-fantastic world that accentuate the Borderlands 3.5 appearance, the loot system appearing slightly offset. As for the true counterpart part of the role play, it had been seen in Tiny Tina and the dragon’s fortress. The surplace is even more important with regard to the graphic and technical aspect. Visuals in Cel-Shading hardly progress with those of previous episodes, and do not hold the comparison compared to the 2022 gondola heads. But fortunately, these few galls do not prevent to have fun when is to eradicate skeletons, trolls and other Banshees!


You have to welcome the game for the quality of its secondary quests, that it would be criminal to abandon. Not only do they allow to garner XP, but their screenwriting is in addition to the height of the main quests, when it is not outright higher. In a more general way, the role play environment is very pleasant. Dice at 20 sides to be found in the levels to obtain a better booty, dialogues “meta” of Tina and his roles friends who come to comment on the current events or interventions of the MJ that reveals enemies or modifies some decorations under our Eyes, the references to the world of JDR are legion. It seems to us that the delirium could have been pushed even further, but there is already enough to be satisfied. The humor is also one of the qualities of the adventure, which never takes itself seriously and does not hesitate to pour into the Farfelu. And in the Graleux too, but even the most vulgar dialogs do not really shock, the atmosphere being clearly with the big deconade. Moreover, if this potentially tendently aspect cream passes is partly due to the high quality of the French location. General or idiomatic culture references have been cleverly adapted, while the vocal cast makes an without-fault. It is hoped that it will be the same in the upcoming downloadable content, even if their availability in a Pay Pass Season seems a little abused for what already looks like a Standalone de Borderlands 3.