Cosplay wedding: Jamie Lee Curtis slips into the role of a famous WoW

Many years ago Cosplays certainly led a kind of niche. But now this hobby has definitely become salonable and even arrived in Hollywood circles. The evidence of this provides the actress Jamie Lee Curtis , whose daughter will stop a cosplay wedding shortly.

Cosplay Made in Hollywood

As Jamie Lee Curtis has revealed “Jimmy Kimmel Live” at an appearance in the Late-Night Show, the wedding of her daughter takes place in May this year. It is a cosplay wedding , where guests appear in different panels. The cosplay for the actress has selected her daughter Ruby and comes from a world-famous computer game.

_ “Ruby and Cynthia have chosen my costume. Her name is Jaina Proudmore. It comes from… Does anyone know here where it comes from? It’s a game. I do not know it’s a game. She is an admiral. _

In this name, many games fans are likely to stop immediately. Jaina Proudmore is a character the MMORPG World of Warcraft and takes a central role for the story there. She is one of the most powerful mages of Kirin Tor and now even Lordadmiralin of Kula Tiras.

Has Jamie Lee Curtis floppy?

If you know the actress more precisely, the further inevitably asks yourself the question of whether you may have lost something for your performance in the latest-night show. Because actually she already had several points of contact with the gaming world ** \ – also with World of Warcraft. At the premiere of the Warcraft Film in 2016, it appeared in an ORK cosplay. She also plays in the filming of Borderlands. Accordingly, it is certainly not uncertain about the gaming.

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