Best Backgrounds in Wonderland Tiny Wonderland?

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands contains the character editor in which you will need to determine your attributes and choose the character prehistory. As you raise the level and get the hero glasses, you will need to decide where to distribute them. But first you will need to choose the background.

(WATCH BEFORE MAKING YOUR FIRST CHARACTER) Character Background | Tiny Tina's Wonderlands (Build)

Your background will change the total number of attributes for two or more attributes. It will limit or increase the total number of hero glasses that you can spend on this attribute.

Rustic fool

Background Rustic Idiot will be Enlarge your Total number of eight, and Reduce your total intelligence by three . This background is one of the best, since you lose only three points in intelligence for a large bonus to strength. Strength Increases your overall critical damage . Intellect Reduces spell recovery time .

Recharge spells short, even with a slight increase in recharge time. You can easily invest three hero points in intelligence to remove the spell recharge debuff.

stock warehouse restoration

Restoration of stocks warehouse Increases your intelligence for two and mood for five . Setting reduces the recovery time of your skill. . You will Losing two glasses of dexterity and two body points . The physique increases your maximum HP and WARD. Dexterity increases your overall chance of a critical strike.

This background is a pure positive point, as you get seven common hero glasses, losing only four. This background is an excellent option for any player who hates the recovery timers and wants to reduce the recovery time of their spells and active skills.

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